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SoundCloud Clouds, code & caffeine at Music Hack Day

Last weekend a large part of our team took the early morning flight from Berlin to London for the first ever Music Hack Day. Clad in SoundCloud t-shirts and thirsty for code (and caffeine) everyone was ready to showcase what could be built using our open API. With over 200 developers attending as well as teams from companies such as Last.fm, Songkick, Echonest and the BBC it was a gathering of some of the best people in digital music.

Music Hack Day - SoundCloud workshop

But what does all this talk of hacking and coding actually mean for you, the regular user of SoundCloud? What is an API and why should you care?

Our API exposes the full range of SoundCloud functionality to allow developers to make lots of cool tools on top of this platform that we are building. It might seem all geeky and technical but all you need to worry about is that these tools make it even easier for you to manage your music at SoundCloud, whether it’s iPhone apps, desktop uploaders or dropbox managers.

tick box

It also means that there are even more reasons to check that little box when you upload your tracks. By giving access to stream your public tracks cool things like CitySounds.fm, TheCloudPlayer and RadioClouds can be built  giving more people the opportunity to enjoy and play your music. All this makes SoundCloud one of the smartest places on the web to put your music. We’ll be telling you more about some of the best things built during Music Hack Day over the coming days and weeks.