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David Updated Facebook Application

Facebook is making some major changes to the way applications work on profiles and pages so we had to update our own application to meet the new (and ongoing) requirements. In short, Facebook is moving all in-page apps (aka boxes) to the tabs section of personal profiles and fan pages which means that you’ll need to update your SoundCloud Player and Dropbox apps.

Here’s how it works:

1. Find the SoundCloud Player App, search for the artist name and select the artist/track you’d like to add. You’ll get the best results by adding the direct URL of the user, track, set or group you’d like to add:

Selection2. Click ‘Save’ to add the player to the tabs section of your profile or page.

3. Go to your profile or page, ‘add a new tab’ and select ‘Tracks’ to add a proper tab. You can also move around the Tab to the spot of your choice:


That’s it, done (if you don’t see Tracks in the above box, type SoundCloud into the tab search field):

Tracks TabNote: Facebook will make some changes to its overall design (current ETA is late January postponed to February) and the Tracks tab will look much nicer than it does today. Also, we might add some other cool stuff to the Player app. Stay tuned.

David Developers, win a trip to Stockholm for Music Hack Day!

Music Hack Day really is turning into a global phenomenon. Only a month after the last hack day in Boston, we’re gearing up for the next pan-European hop. This time we’re going to Stockholm, home of the next Music Hack Day on January 29-31.

The first Swedish Hack Day is organized by our good friend Henrik Berggren and the fine folks at Doberman.se who are kindly providing the location for the hacking.

Since about half of the SoundCloud team is Swedish, we will be present with full force and join a list of great companies that have already confirmed their participation. So if you’re a hacker who loves music, come and spend a winter weekend with us in lovely Stockholm and hack the night away and get to meet the developers behind Last.fm, Spotify, The Echo Nest, Playdar, Bambuser, Sonos, RjDj or Songkick.

Here’s the coolest: we want to fly you to Stockholm to hack with us. Submit your idea below and we will select the one that rocks most.

Registration is free and read all the details about schedule & location here.

By the way, if you can’t make it to Stockholm but have a great idea too, check out our new developer pages we just launched.

Hope to see you all in Stockholm next year!

Photo of Henrik courtesy by David Kjelkerud.

David The SoundCloud App Gallery & Developer Pages

Developers, developers, developers, developers, developers, developers, developers!

Remember that? Yeah, we love developers too…

Today we are launching a brand new App Gallery – a nice home for all the apps using the SoundCloud API. It includes all apps we’ve previously featured here on the blog – like Citysounds.fm, Tracks On A Map or QCMixtapes – and we’ve also added several new apps, like Abbey Road Online Mastering, Aviary Myna and Musescore.

All Apps - SoundCloud

Also launching today: our new developer pages that give everyone who wants to use our API a place to start including all the information needed for building an app.

We’re really excited about all the new apps and can’t wait to hear about the other cool things you will come up with. Never hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions!

Head over to the developer page, start the coding and join us in creating the best audio platform on the planet!