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David The @CitySoundsFM iPhone App Unleashed

Remember the summer when Citysounds.fm was born during the first Music Hack Day in London? Only a month later, the Citysounds team released a first major update to the mashup before kicking off the work on the iPhone app during the Music Hack Day in Berlin in September.

CitySounds.fm - The music of cities

Today, just a few months later, they’re finally ready to release the much anticipated Citysounds iPhone app. Listen to the sounds of your favorite cities while you’re on the road. We’re so excited and we hope you’re to!

If you don’t know Citysounds yet, it’s one of the most popular applications built on top of the SoundCloud API and lets you stream the latest tracks uploaded to SoundCloud by cities around the world. Sitting in London’s tube, tune in to the hottest tracks from Los Angeles. On the bus in Berlin, discover the sounds of Rio de Janeiro – right from your iPhone.

Here’s what the app will let you do:

  • Browse and listen to tracks from the most active and popular cities in the world
  • Locate the city you’re in and listen to the most recent tracks
  • Give your phone a shake and instantly be transported to a random place

citysounds04Head over to Citysounds.fm/iphone and get the App Store link to start browsing the sounds of the cities.

Massive props to the fine Citysounds team for its hard work on both the web and iPhone applications. Oh, and the boys also shared some secrets with us about what’s planned for the next version:

Version 2will let you save your favorite cities, search & browse all cities around the world and it will support social features for easy sharing via Facebook and Twitter.

Oh, and while we’re at it: besides Citysounds, there are two other great applications to browse and discover music on SoundCloud: Tracks On A Map and The Cloud Player – both are also built on top of our API.


David Friday Sweets: Drag and drop uploaders

Tuesday’s Taylor release revealed two new apps built by our friends Christian Stropp and Dorian Roy. The apps are built on top of the SoundCloud API and are very similar in terms of features – letting you upload audio to your SoundCloud account by simply dragging and dropping files onto the apps.cloudpost

  • Christian’s app is called CloudPost and works on Mac OS 10.5 or later.scuplogo
  • Dorian’s app is called Scup and works on both Windows and Mac OS but you need to have Adobe AIR installed.

Note that these apps are not maintained by SoundCloud. Please send feedback and bug reports to Christian and Dorian. Also, CloudPost is open source if you want to contribute to the project.

The first time you launch your desktop uploader you need to connect the app with your SoundCloud account.


Just click the button and you are automatically forwarded to SoundCloud where you can allow access to your account.


Note that the app is not storing your SoundCloud password. Instead it gets a temporary key that you can make unusable anytime by revoking the access on your account settings page. This is good if you for instance work temporarily on someone else’s computer.


Once the app is authorized you can start dragging files onto the drop window.


The files are uploaded automatically but set to private by default so no one can access them until you hit “Send Set”.


You can add information and drag artwork onto the image box. You can also add more tracks by dragging files onto the application.


If you make the set private you can enter email addresses to the people you want to share with.


When you are done with the settings, hit “Send Set” and the set ends up on your account page.


We think these apps are pretty cool and would like to thank Christian and Dorian for developing them! Try it out and let them (and us) know what you think.

David Friday Fun: Introducing Tracks On A Map

Tracks on a Map

TracksOnAMap is an outcome of the Berlin Music Hackday. It was built by Johan Uhle (with the help of our own Katharina and Eric) on top of the SoundCloud API and features hundreds of recent tracks uploaded to SoundCloud in thousands of different locations around the globe.

To get started, simply zoom in to a location of your choice and click the purple dots – each dot shows that there are tracks available in that area, the bigger the dots, the more tracks for you to check out. Tracks on a Map-1

Pictured above, you’ll see a recent track coming straight out of San Francisco – Bassnectar with a preview of his remix he did for Fever Ray’s ‘When I Grow Up‘. On the upper right corner of the window you can share the link to the city on Twitter and Facebook or just copy the direct link (see picture on the right). Below the track playing, you’ll be able to select more tracks from the same location.

In the main player you’ll find direct links to the artist and track on SoundCloud and you can also link back to that specific track on TracksOnAMap via Facebook & Twitter. If you wish to just randomly discover tracks, hit the arrow on the right and the app will take you on a trip around the world to a city of its choice. Clicking on a genre below the player will filter the tracks according to how they were tagged by a SoundCloud user.

We like it a lot! Nice work, Johan.

Have a great weekend, everyone!