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David Announcing First Soundcloud Integrations With Audio Software at NAMM

Maybe you have noticed that our own Alex & Henrik are in Los Angeles right now, mingling with the many folks present at NAMM and to make a few big announcements. Here we go:

Today, we’re proud to announce the first in a series of product integrations with professional software makers which will enable you to upload your tracks to the web, straight from your favorite audio applications. Boom!

The first partnerships we’re announced today are with Studio One from PreSonus and Audiofile Engeneering’s Wave Editor. Ableton Live to follow very soon!

Following our recent partnership with Abbey Road’s online mastering service, today’s announcement marks another step for on the road to enable a fully integrated digital music ecosystem.

Working with Studio One and Wave Editor you’ll be able to upload your tracks direct to your SoundCloud account from within the application, bypassing the need to bounce tracks to the desktop and then upload. These integrations were built using the SoundCloud API, which enables any developer to create a huge range of audio applications and services based on core SoundCloud functionality, like the streaming, uploading and downloading of music.

Export from Wave Editor

Export from Wave Editor

Studio One

Studio One

We will announce partnerships with other key music software companies soon, including Ableton!

Read the full press release here.

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