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SoundCloud SoundCloud Local: Vienna

Picture by cadoc, found on Flickr

For the fourth week of SoundCloud Local, we’re stopping by and checking out the capital of Austria, better known as Vienna! We found composers, electronic producers and all-around creative users in this fine city.


Apostata is an electronic enthusiast! Here’s what he had to say: “I’ve been producing music for about 1 year now. In other online music communities, people weren’t interacting & I never got feedback. When I stumbled upon SoundCloud, everything changed! I’ve been improving my skills by interacting on this portal!”



Living in a sound machine in Vienna, Callrider is an electronic producer ready to impress. Besides creating his own stuff, he also works with Madchen Brunner to create Monster Demolition Night (MDN). If anything, listen to his and MDN’s tracks below, and check out his label’s official site with SoundCloud players and all!


Clemens Wenger

Clemens Wenger is a young, up-and-coming creative composer and producer. After studying jazz piano, he decided to start concentrating on composition and electronic music. Now, he likes to focus on finding new sounds and forms for his improvisations and productions. Go on and check out his stuff!



Mimu is a graphic designer, media artist and a singer-songwriter. This multi-talented lady has a debut album coming out in Spring 2011! She also collaborated with other Austrian SoundCloud users — the duo, Ritornell. You can hear her tracks below and the collaboration she did with Ritornell as well!


Wolf van den End

Here’s another talented composer/producer out of Vienna. Wolf van den End is part of the new Viennese label called the Sand Collektive and has a unique style, which utilizes piano, strings and electronic aspects as well. Have a listen to this great mix of instruments below!


If you’re a user based in Vienna, don’t be sad if we missed your profile! Instead, get together in the SoundCloud Local Vienna group and submit your tracks! Also, keep an eye on Meetup.com!

Looking for some more music from Vienna? Check out citysounds.fm/vienna!

Be on the lookout for the next SoundCloud Local city! We might stop by you next!