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David Aviary’s Music Creation Tools Now Support Publish To SoundCloud

Our friends over at Aviary, the awesomesauce of a company building browser-based creation tools just released an update we’d like to share with you.

You can now log in to Aviary using your SoundCloud account by simply authorizing Aviary to connect with SoundCloud, look at this cute little egg they added yesterday:

After connecting and confirming your account you’re able to add other linked accounts like Twitter or Facebook.

Now the exciting part is that after creating beats in the newly launched music creator ‘Roc’ or the remix tool ‘Myna’, you can easily push your creations straight to your SoundCloud account.

Only one click and you’ll see your track appearing in your Tracks section of your account:

By the way, this is my little creation:

Aviary Track by steaner

So kudos to @msg and the folks at Aviary for making this happen.

Try it out and let us know what you think.

SoundCloud Remix Delphic using Aviary

Manchester-based band Delphic are pretty hot at the moment. With recent appearances on Jools Holland and making the BBC Sound 2010 shortlist they’re getting ready to release their debut Ewan Pearson produced album Acolyte on 11th January. Meanwhile they’re making all the stems from lead single ‘Doubt’ available for you to remix. Take a listen below and then read on…

There’s a bit of twist to the contest. In fact there are three twists…

1) You’ll need to scavenge the music blogosphere for all the best stems. Start the hunt on Electrorash blog. And actually it’s pretty easy from there.

2) We’ve teamed up with Aviary’s excellent audio/remix tool Myna to give everyone a chance at making their own version. I might even have a crack myself over Xmas! Launch Myna from Delphic’s Doubt remix page (and more news on SoundCloud + Aviary in a future blog post!).

3) The guys behind the Delphic site have built some rather wonderful wizardry using our API so that you can upload your remixes to the band directly and have added a natty little voting button next to each submitted track. Clever huh?

So it’s time to get busy! We’re looking forward to hearing what you do.