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David Global Meetup Day Berlin ! : Recapping the Action

Man o man! Yesterday was such a hoot at the SoundCloud Headquarters here in Berlin! From 7pm to 10 pm we held our third annual Global Meetup Day! The evening started off with some yummy snacks and drinks + a lot of mingling and music from SoundCloud user Bennis Burke.

As the sun went down, @David spoke to the crowd and got those interested to sign up for the Sound Scavenger Hunt! The hunt took teams of five armed with the SoundCloud app to the streets to record a plethora of sounds. Some were hard to find (Ex: A Swan Attacking), some were super interactive (Ex: Singing a song as a group) and some were just plain FUN (Ex: The most interesting sound in the world!) – ALL were amazing! Listen to some below!

swedish accent from @niclahs by BerlinHunt2

S43 don’t use this on commerical at St. Oberholz by BerlinHunt4

At 9pm, all the teams reconvened on the roof terrace and we picked a winner! It was a close one, but Team Amor won – led by SoundCloud employee Tobi (other members included @bangpowwww, @discordianfish, @djlae, @fatadj, @mizeter ), with @Davids team following close behind!

After we gave out the prizes to the winners, we listened to our very own Project Matt spin some records late into the evening! Overall, we all had a blast and can’t wait until the next Global Meetup Day!! Thanks for being such an awesome Community and special thanks to SoundCloud user Christian Zebrowski for helping manage the Meetup!

Want to see some #scmeetup pictures from last night? If you attended the meetup or even if you missed out this time around, you can peep some of the pictures from the evening on Facebook here. Check them out and don’t forget to tag yourselves!

David Hello my name is SoundCloud, and it sure was nice to have met you!

Clear skies (no planes), sunshine, foods, drinks, great people, and a deck overlooking Berlin — what more can one ask for on a Saturday afternoon in April? Last Saturday we had a very successful inaugural SoundCloud meetup on the sun-deck of our cloudy Headquarters in Berlin, Germany.

About 50 of you made it out to spend some time with other Berlin-based users and most of the SoundCloud staff to talk about music, production, technology and the interwebs. It was great to finally meet some of you in person after having only known you “online” until Saturday.

We also witnessed an impromptu live session by SoundCloud user Onyx Ashanti who brought his Electronic Wind Instrument (connected to his iPhone for additional effects) and treated everyone with a fifteen-minute Beatjazz live improv’. Watch a short video of Onyx’s performance below:

It was great to catch up with all of you! Make sure to visit some of the attendee’s SoundCloud profiles: Michelle Owen, Gabor Molnar, Bleepstreet Records, Madeleine Bloom, Ric Colair, Santi Hernandez, Walter MarinelliShawn Balm.

I want to take this chance to thank all the users and potential users that came out and said “Hej”. See you soon for a second Berlin meetup! Pictures:

More pictures here and here and here!

We just confirmed more global meetups — next up is Amsterdam, London, Barcelona, Brisbane and Lyon. Check out our Meetups page for details and get in touch with us if you want to organize one in your city. It’s super-easy: select a date, a location and we’ll support you getting the word out to other users from your area.

(Photo Credits: Jan Berkel, Willy Rachow, JC Tu)

David Updated: Announcing Music Hack Day in Berlin

Mark your calendars and join us for a full weekend of hacking during the first German Music Hack Day on September 18/19/20 at Radialsystem V in Berlin.

In July, a group of more than 200 music techheads gathered at the Guardian offices in London for an overly successful first Music Hack Day. After a long night of coding, about 30 new websites, projects, instruments and software saw the light of the day – we’ve blogged about a bunch of them before: Citysounds.fm, the iPhone Music Visualiser and SoundDrop. Click here for more hacks from that night.

So now it’s time to get everyone together in one of the world’s most important cities for music: Berlin. We want hackers to code and music companies to showcase their API’s and products people can hack on and hopefully at the end of the weekend we’ll see a whole lot of new music awesomeness.

Confirmed partners so far: Ableton, De:Bug, Tape.tv and of course us.

The event is totally free and non-commercial and we would like to keep it this way. We’re still looking for companies interested to sponsor breakfast, lunch or dinner as well as soft drinks and some beer. If you’d like to contribute, please contact us. Any help is greatly appreciated and will ensure that every participant can attend at no charge. Here’s what’s open and what’s already covered:

Registration is free and is limited to 150 participants tops so please register early and let us know how you’d like to contribute. The venue will be open 24 hours and you can stay overnight and hack thru the night.

We’d like to thank the entire teams of all2gethernow, newthinking communications and Music Hack Day for all their help making this possible.

Photo credit: Radialsystem V