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SoundCloud SoundCloud Local: Calgary

Photo taken by Oli-Oviyan, found on Flickr

Hey, Calgary! We’re looking at you today for SoundCloud Local. We found a diverse set of SoundCloud members here. Hear for yourself below!

Valiska is a experimental ambient, noise music project coming out of Calgary. “Through the use of synthesizers, guitars, field recordings and processing, Valiska often creates pieces that are simultaneously noisy and beautiful.” There’s some awesome stuff on their SoundCloud page already. Check it out!


Based in Calgary, Crimson is more commonly known as Cam Boyd. He’s part of a collective called TheRinseOut. This group represents forward-thinking music, art and creativity. Crimson’s music is electronic-based with lots of experimental aspects to it. Check it out for yourself below.


Animattronic has been making music for approximately 8 years now. He first started out creating computer music, then matured his sounds and moved on to cinematic tracks. If you wanted to classify his music as a specific genre though, you could put it under “steampunk electro rock”.


Obsidian Snow
Here’s a young, 19-year-old composer and musician straight out of the high, dry, and unpredictable climate of Calgary! His name is Ian and he’s been experimenting with music since he started piano lessons and now creates mostly orchestral, film music. Check out the themes he’s created below.


And, wait! Here’s more! Woulg (aka Greg D.) produces IDM, glitchy, electronic music. He’s on Outlier Recordings and is previewing his upcoming EP, “Floating longingly towards the sun”, on SoundCloud as well. You can hear some of it and the rest of his productions and creations below.


Hope we left you wanting more because there’s some over at: citysounds.fm/calgary

And if you’re based there and we didn’t get around to featuring you, please join the group and submit some tracks.

Don’t forget: Global Meetup Day is happening on the 5th of October! Calgary, get yours started! And to everyone else, check if there’s one scheduled in your area here. If not, feel free to start your own! See if your city has been featured in SoundCloud Local yet here.