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SoundCloud SoundCloud Stories

Remember back in December, we asked former SoundClouders Of The Day to record their SoundCloud story, which included favorite moments of the year and other things they’d like to say to other Community members. We posted one a day and collected an awesome amount of stories, so many that we couldn’t fit them all into December! Now, we’re embedding the set of all the #SCstories we received! You can hear ’em below.

You can also check out all the posts in their entirety on our Tumblr blog! And no need to fear, if you want to still share your #SCstory with us, please do! You can send us one to the Community Team’s DropBox. We’d love to hear it :)

David Let’s Celebrate This Amazing Community!

Wow, December already?

What. A. Year. What a community! We can’t believe how fast the year flew by and the amount of amazing stories we’ve heard from all of you over the course of 2011. So we thought, “Why not pause for a minute and look back at an exciting year topped with magicsauce?”

Here’s what we’ve been cooking for you:

Your SoundCloud Story:

We asked former SoundClouders Of The Day to record their SoundCloud story, favorite moments of the year and tips & tricks they have for other Community members. Every day, we’ll feature one recording on our Community account and you are invited to also share your story with us. Learn how.

Here’s the set with your #SCstories:


Every day, we’ve been taking a look back into the past and have been posting a flashback story into our own Storify.

This Year in SoundCloud:

For the month of December, we’re turning our weekly podcast This Week in SoundCloud into This Year in SoundCloud and make it an audio retrospective, looking back at some of the major stories of the past year, filled with some special surprises. Listen to the first two episodes below, with more to come. Follow the Community Team for more.

Episode 1 of This Year in SoundCloud (January-March):

Episode 2 of This Year in SoundCloud (April-June):

Make sure to follow us on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook, the big Community retrospective starts there today.