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David Produce the SoundCloud Christmas Song and Win a Premium Account!

wham110307_600x479.jpeg (600×479)

Don’t know about you but Wham’s Last Christmas gives me the creeps. Every year, over and over. Any time I enter a store while shopping for christmas, I’m all duck-and-cover in fear that this very song starts kicking in. Hopefully you feel the same and want to help changing that by producing The SoundCloud Christmas Song.

Sold? Check out the details & rules:

  • Needs to kick ass
  • With a twist of Christmas, obviously
  • Any musical style
  • Hilarious or serious (note: Last Christmas was serious business then, now it’s just hilarious – ridiculous actually – look at the picture!)
  • Under five minutes (remember: a great pop song is three minutes or less)
  • Submit until next Friday, Dec 18th (midnight CET)
  • One track per user
  • Needs to be an original production (read: you wrote it)
  • Needs to include the jingle embedded below

The SoundCloud staff will then listen to every submitted track and select one winner who will receive a yearly Premium account and see the track featured with an own blog post, tweet, Facebook, Tumblr… just in time for Christmas. The winning track will be the one that knocks our red socks off.

What to do?

Download the jingle, produce your track and  submit it to the SoundCloud Christmas Song Group or drop it straight into the DropBox below:

Send us your track

Let’s do this, we can’t wait to listen to your tracks! Have fun producing.

Update: The first submissions are coming in! Check them out below:

Eric X-Mas Break

CatHere we are on christmas eve sitting and trying to relax, spend time with our families and not think about the Cloud and the cool stuff we’re working on at the moment. I’d like to take the opportunity here and paraphrase a website we deeply respect:

The SoundCloud team never sleeps, it only waits.

…for the site update which is due in the next few days!