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David Announcing a Cocoa Streaming Library

It’s time for yet an announcement for all you API lovers out there; a library making it really easy to implement SoundCloud streaming in your Cocoa apps. It’s built specially for the iPhone SDK 3.+ but should work for desktop Mac apps as well.

The library is a vital part of the SoundCloud iPhone app and will be used in the upcoming CitySound iPhone app as well. It’s written by Ullrich Schäfer and open source under the Apache License version 2.0.

CitySounds iPhone

To sum up, this library…

  • makes it easy to implement the non trivial task of streaming audio in Cocoa apps
  • nicely integrates with the existing Cocoa wrapper for the SoundCloud API
  • supports streaming of public and OAuth protected tracks
  • fits in commercial apps as well as music hack day mashups etc.

Head over to github and check out the source code along with the demo application.

Feedback, questions, and suggestions are welcome in the SoundCloud API Google group!

Eric Calling all Mac OS X and iPhone developers!

iphoneWe’re really excited about the release of our brand new Cocoa/iPhone development kit, built by Ullrich and Gernot! This means you can really easily integrate SoundCloud in any Cocoa-based (iPhone 2.0+, Mac OS X 10.5+) application, complete with oAuth-based authentication, asynchronous requests and uploads with a progressbar. We have only begun to imagine what kind of cool audio sharing apps could be built using this little toolbox…

So if you’re an iPhone-hacker, don’t hesitate to download the source and start hacking!

We’ve also taken the opportunity to upgrade pretty much all of our API pages. We’ve moved all code and documentation over to Github, so it’s easier than ever to browse and fork it. Since long time there’s already a complete Python wrapper for our API, and now it’s been better documented as well.