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Jane Hello Heroes: Community Collaborations with One Hello World

Hello Heroes is a guest blog series by the SoundCloud Heroes. Today, Syracuse SoundCloud Hero Jared of One Hello World shares his tips and experience on collaborating with folks across the pond. Heroes Ben Z. and Monica shared their tips last week. Get involved in the September collaborations going on this month!

Nothing extends the sonic and stylistic breadth of your music like a production approach unique to your own. By reaching across genre and geographical borders, I’ve met interesting creators who have graciously agreed to lend their time and touch to One Hello World’s material.

Introductions through friends and interacting with the scene on SoundCloud have all helped me to foster connections that resulted in rich collaborations. I visit the profiles of artists that I enjoy to see who they’re following. The “SoundClouder of the Day” series is a great way to audition potential collaborators.

Synthesizing my sound with that of different artists has been about emphasizing our strengths and finding creative ways to fit them together. For instance, I don’t consider myself particularly proficient in programming drums, but a lot of the British artists I’ve collaborated of late with have added some awesome beats to my tracks. I know my orchestrations pique the sonic palate of some of my new friends. The process of bringing the distinctive characteristics of two musical styles together is intriguing in itself (like a sonic puzzle to solve) and it results in some very original sounds.

From a technical perspective, I’ve found it’s helpful to share basic technical specs up-front, such as BPM (beats per minute or tempo), key signature and preferred file formats. And SoundCloud has been a great conduit to share works in progress, allowing editorial comments to be made within the track’s timeline.

U.K. Electronic Musician Collaborations
My most recent collaborations have been with artists from the U.K. electronic/ambient music scene. With broad reverb and complicated distortion effects, some tracks transport you to big, beautiful environments where others employ a mix of retro synths and aggressive LFOs. It’s a tone distinctive to what’s produced here in the US, and given the international themes of my project, one that was a real trip to work with. Give them a listen:

SoundCloud Community Collaborations – August 2012
Continuing SoundCloud Heroes-led collaborations, August’s theme was “road trip of sounds.” We pooled together stems that reminded us of long drives, cheap thrills and good friends:

September’s SoundCloud Community Collaboration Theme: Autumn
The feeling of a crisp, cool wind blowing through your favorite sweater. The smell of freshly fallen leaves, crushed beneath your boots. The taste of cinnamon in a steaming mug of apple cider. What does autumn sound like to you? What are some of your favorite autumn sounds?

Anybody can be a part of the SoundCloud Community Collaborations. Here’s how:

1. By September 16th, upload your stems to SoundCloud with the tag “SCC0912”.
2. Take a listen to the stems submitted by other users. Download your favorites.
3. Compile your stems into your autumn remix/mixtape/podcast/whatever.
4. Share your track here by September 30th. Don’t forget to credit stem creators: http://soundcloud.com/groups/soundcloud-heroes-collaborations

We’ll post a follow up blog highlighting submissions in early October. Happy autumnal sound making!

Jane Hello Heroes: Collaborations

Hello Heroes is a guest blog series by the SoundCloud Heroes. Heroes Ben Z and Monica collaborated to share this post on…collaborations! Have any tips or suggestions about collaborations, add them in the comments!

What unites 20 million users from around the world, each with their own personalities, backgrounds, and languages? It is the one language we all know and speak: sound. Before any of us even knew a language, we used sound to communicate and make sense of our world. We became adept at giving sounds meaning and using them to express our needs and desires, including the desire for connectedness.

We are still using sound for that same purpose to create connections on SoundCloud. Within seconds, we can send our sounds to the far ends of the Earth and receive an immediate response in return. This makes collaborations possible and enjoyable, and that is why those of us in the SoundCloud Heroes program have been so enthusiastic about collaborating with you!


We’d like to share a few of our recent collaborations and the lessons we’ve taken from them with you. We hope that they both inspire and assist you in beginning your own collaborative adventures!

Two of my latest collaborations have taken place with two very different people from two very different places: Iran and Japan. The first is with EleWara from Tokyo, Japan. The second is with SoundClouder Mashoud Tehrani from Iran.

Ben Z.

I have collaborated with over a hundred people using SoundCloud! It is amazing what you can do when you intentionally reach out to others. Recently, I finished a full-length album with producer and fellow SoundClouder Dejection, who lives in Darmstadt, Germany. We used SoundCloud’s amazing features to connect, share files, find guest artists, and fulfill our desire to connect with people globally. Here is a sample from that project and the process by which we connected to create an album together.

Currently, I am in the process of creating a collaborative hip hop song meant to inspire youth around the world. This track is a collaboration between myself, Chicago emcee Roberto Rivera, and Ugandan emcee/b-boy Abramz. All three of us have a passion for engaging, inspiring, and encouraging youth through hip hop.

We hope that reading and hearing about our experiences inspires you to link up with other SoundClouders and collaborate! So go identify potential collaborators and build a creative bridge that spans hundreds or thousands of miles. If you missed the August collaborations theme A Road Trip of Sounds, there’s still time to submit and yours can be featured.

Jane SoundCloud Heroes and Community Collaborations

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean. — Ryunosuke Satoro

Collaboration is at the heart of the SoundCloud community. The talent and creativity that our community possesses is endless. We’ve seen and heard how members come together to bring creations to life, and we have a program that will encourage those connections to grow.

Enter the SoundCloud Heroes program. A program where we’re identifying SoundCloud ambassadors who want to help unmute the web. Heroes fuel their leadership, passion and creativity to bring people together around sound. We launched the program in February and introduced our first 10 SoundCloud Heroes in April. After organizing Global Meetup Day in their cities in May, the Heroes embarked on a challenge to create summer collaborations based on stems they swapped. Take a listen below.

Los Angeles Hero Matt gives an update on his take on collaborations and reflects on the importance of pursuing your passion everyday.

Portland Hero Zefora, who is no stranger to collaborations, explains the creative process of this collaboration with the Heroes and offers some advice for folks new to collaborating!

The SoundCloud Heroes will lead a new series of themed collaborations that will take place every month, and you can participate, too! Reach out to others in your network, in your city or across the world and collaborate.

August Community Collaboration: Road Trip of Sounds 

Imagine you could be on any road in the world, driving from your starting point to your final destination. How would this road trip sound?

Our SoundCloud Heroes are imagining how the SoundCloud Community can take parts of these road trips and represent them through sound and music, creating an audible journey across different parts of the world. What would your soundtrack sound like if you were on a road trip from the West Coast to the East Coast, from Scotland to Jordan, from Wellington to Singapore, from xxx to yyy, from zzz to ooo?

Let’s all join forces to unmute your dream road trip to make it a reality in the form of sounds.

Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Define your own virtual road trip: the start and destination of your trip. Who in the community is part of it, from start, middle and end?
  2. Reach out and encourage SoundClouders to participate by creating music or a sound that best represents the section of the road trip.
  3. Share the final collaboration track to this group by August 27. Make sure to mention all members involved in the collaboration and the story behind your “road trip” of sounds!

We will then share these sound you’ve all embarked on together in a blog post at the end of the month! The Heroes will reach out to interview and highlight those with the most unique collaborations.

What’s next for the SoundCloud Heroes Program

After doing a call-out for applications, we received some stellar ones and will introduce the next group of US SoundCloud Heroes on the blog this week! Trust us, you want to get involved with some of their collaboration ideas. By the end of the year, we’ll expand the program to bring on more new Heroes to represent cities outside of the US.

Finally, SoundCloud Heroes will also have the opportunity to share news from their own voice about the latest collaborations, meetups and sound projects they’ve been involved in with the community in a new blog series called Hello Heroes. Look forward to the first post next week!