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Brendan Join us at the SoundCloud Clubhouse for SXSW 2014

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Hey, Austin! We’re thrilled to be back at South By Southwest for another year of making the SoundCloud community come to life at the SoundCloud Clubhouse, bringing musicians and comedians together with their fans. This is the first time the Clubhouse is an official venue and we’ve scheduled an incredible lineup of performers to celebrate. Join us at Lustre Pearl, 97 Rainey Street, Austin, TX – March 12th, 13th, and 14th for performances from ScHoolboy Q, Zed’s Dead, Ryan Hemsworth, TJ Miller and many more. Full details and set times are available at sxsw.soundcloud.com.

For the latest updates, follow our social media feeds on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Tumblr, and Instagram and when you stop by, be sure to tag your social posts with #SCclubhouse. See you soon!

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SoundCloud No kidding, SoundCloud just got funnier

The jokes are on us: this is a big week for comedy on SoundCloud.

First, we’re pleased to announce that we’re launching a slate of five new comedy Pro Partners. Our new Pro Partners follow in the footsteps of The Nerdist and Kevin Smith’s SModCO, who’ve been with us since we launched Pro at South By Southwest.



Who’s in the new crew? There’s Earwolf, a comedy network featuring top celebrity guests from the stand-up world and beyond. The Bugle, starring John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman, the transatlantic region’s leading bi-continental satirical double-act. The comedian-owned All Things Comedy Network. Laughspin, a weekly comedy news and feature wrap-up, straight out of New Jersey. And Splitsider, which gathers up some of the best comedy podcasts out there for your listening pleasure.

That’s just the beginning of the hilarity: we’re also excited to say that Comedy Central has now joined us as a new partner on SoundCloud. Hear what they’re serving up.

And if you prefer to tell your own jokes, we have good news for you, too. We’re all about making it possible for anyone to create and share audio, which is why we have one more collaboration to tell you about: we’re also partnering with the BBC for BBC Radio’s New Comedy Award, a nationwide search to find the best new stand-up talent in the UK. Upload your entry and make the world LOL.

SoundCloud SoundCloud Voices

It’s a well known fact, comedians like to talk; so much so, that a lot of them make podcasts and capture their funniest diatribes and conversations in audio form! Film maker Kevin Smith, founder and host of Smodcast is one of these funny people and we’d like to welcome him and his podcast network Smodcast to SoundCloud!

Smodcast is a collection of funny conversational podcasts with a variety of hosts, while a number are hosted by Kevin Smith himself. Famous for Dogma, Clerks, Mallrats Jay and Silent Bob and Chasing Amy to name a few, the shows are dive into the latest current affairs, comic books, movies, and the occasional comment on the slighter cruder elements of life, but of course funny! There are 17 shows on the network, some are hosted by friends and family of Kevin, and are all worth a listen!  Here’s a handful to get you started. If you want to listen to more you should follow them on SoundCloud!

First up is Hollywood Babble-On, presented by Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman, who you may know for his voices on Family Guy.  It’s their take on the latest news in Hollywood, and it’s very, very funny. Where better to start than with episode one.


Next up is Jay and Silent Bob Get Old. Another show with Kevin Smith but this time with Jason Mewes, his ‘Jay’ to Kevin’s ‘Silent Bob’ in movies such as Dogma and Mallrats. This show often goes into the amusing nitty gritty of their personal lives, particularly Jason, an ex drug addict. Also too funny to miss!

One of the many shows without the great Mr Smith is Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave. It’s a weekly podcast released every Friday. It’s hosted by View Askew Productions (Kevin’s production company) regulars and close friends of Kevin Smith, “Steve-Dave” Bryan Johnson, “Fanboy” Walt Flanagan, as well as the “dubious tech guy” Brian Quinn. They are also joined regularly by Ming Chen, who works on the many View Askew websites.[1] On occasion, the group has also been joined by Sunday Jeff, who works the Sunday shift at Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash. Jeff was also a host on the podcast Puck Nuts. Johnson played Steve-Dave and Flanagan played Fanboy who yelled “Tell ’em, Steve-Dave!” in Mallrats. Enjoy!

There are so many more to talk about, we’ll have to do another post to cover some of the other shows, but to cap it off, you should also listen to Smodcast, the one and only original show of the Smocast Network. This show is hosted by Kevin with his long time producing partner Scott Mosier. Here’s the first episode for you to dive into. Happy listening!

SoundCloud Voices is a weekly Community feature focusing on new spoken word creators found on SoundCloud. It might be a podcast, radio show, audio book, interview, audio messages, a poem, anything! Keep an eye out every Thursday for a new post. If you are interested in trying out SoundCloud as a spoken word podcast platform, you can sign up for via this form. Successful candidates will be emailed with further details.