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Jane SoundCloud Speaks #6 – Collaborating and Connecting with SoundCloud Community Fellows Guidebooks & NightBus Radio

Last year, we introduced our audio series ‘SoundCloud Speaks‘, where we take an in-depth look into stories from the ‘cloud and the users behind them. Today in the new year, we’re excited to present our sixth installment. 

In this episode of SoundCloud Speaks, we explore the different meanings of collaborations that take place online and offline. What are the challenges and triumphs of collaborating that change the music-making progress?

We asked Jack Kennedy and the band Guidebooks whose projects were among 15 others that inspire, engage and communicate the unique breadth of sound as part of the 2012 SoundCloud Community Fellowship.

Jack’s NightBus Radio traveled across the US by Greyhound Bus, capturing the community and culture of the different cities while making music with locals. Guidebooks took sound bites contributed directly from the SoundCloud community to lay the foundation for their finished EP, “From Where I’m Standing.

If you have SoundCloud collaborations that you’re working on or are proud of, share it with us in a timed comment or leave a comment on this post.

SoundCloud Speaks‘ is your show, so let us know what you’d like to hear. You can hear all previous episodes here. Thanks for listening.

Jane Celebrating our 2012 SoundCloud Community Fellows

The SoundCloud Community Fellowship is an opportunity for individuals to showcase their creativity with sound over the course of three months. This year’s Fellowship concludes today. We wanted to say congratulations and thanks to our Fellows for being part of this journey, and to our great community for listening and engaging.

So, how did we get here? After our announcement in July, we received a whopping 184 proposals from across the globe. We were truly moved by your enthusiasm. From there, we had a wonderful panel of honorary judges select our 15 final 2012 SoundCloud Community Fellows.

Say hello to:

These unique projects were made alive by a diverse group of people: professional radio producers, independent producers, students, musicians and more. Most importantly, these individuals used sound as a creative medium to share their stories and the stories of others, to touch upon the range of human emotions we experience.

Noteworthy publications from Social Times to Nieman Journalism LabWired, Hypebot, Betabeat, Media Bistro’s Fishbowl LA and more also helped push our Fellows’ ambitious projects to a wider audience.

To our dearest 2012 SoundCloud Community Fellows:

We were honored that you made the active decision to apply to be part of the Fellowship this year. The hard work, dedication and stellar work we’ve seen (and especially heard!) have been great to share with our community and beyond. Most importantly, you are leaders in demonstrating limitless possibilities for creativity with sound. To celebrate, we’ve worked on a montage to pay tribute to all your hard work.

Upon reflecting on this year’s Fellowship, Fellows shared their own learnings and highlights throughout the Fellowship as well as advice if you’re interested in pursuing a project related to sound.

We hope these projects will inspire you to try new things in your life, whether they’re with sound or not. Opportunities are there. We look forward to next year’s Fellowship and hope to meet the next bunch that loves sound as much as we do.


Jane Follow the Fellows: Pop Up Archive: Mashups and archival trainings galore

Tomorrow, October 26 is the last day of the 2012 SoundCloud Community Fellowship. Stay tuned for a special wrap-up post tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy this guest blog post by Fellows Pop Up Archive on the latest update of the mashup contest they’re hosting to bring archiving to life, and their experience hosting an archival-training class! 

Muesli on Jaws: Mashups and archival trainings galore

When we saw the latest version of Mozilla’s PopcornMaker last week, we had to take it for a spin. The resulting mashup is based on SoundCloud Community Fellow Jake De Grazia’s Outtake: Adam on Jaws, plus some other building blocks from the ongoing Pop Up Archive 2012 Mashup Contest.

Want a free SoundCloud Pro account? It just take a few minutes to submit a mashup. For the contest (full description and rules here), we collected archival material from SoundCloud Community Fellows around three themes: Ambiance, Election Season, and Voices. We’ve heard some great submissions so far, and to give you some extra time we’ve extended the contest deadline to November 15. We’re not expecting you to sink much time on this, so don’t be afraid — get mashing!

Add your audio mashup to the Pop Up Archive 2012 Mashup Contest group for consideration in the contest. Extra points go to anyone who takes it a step further and “illustrates” their audio using Zeega or Mozilla’s PopcornMaker, like we did in the example above. They’re both super simple, and they play nice with SoundCloud. Just click the “Share” button under your SoundCloud track and use the “Link” provided as the media source. Then add timestamped maps, images, video, or just about anything you’d like.

Meanwhile, archives are popping up all over the place. We hosted our first two rounds of producer trainings on October 9th, and a third round on October 23rd. We were joined by a diverse group of producers, collectors, archivists, and oral historians — among them were the Center for Home Movies, the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress, the Black Film Center/Archive at Indiana University, CFRC 101.9 FM Queen’s Radio, the Society for American Baseball Research, Activist Archivists, WITNESS, the Southern Oral History Program, the Directors Guild of America Visual History Program, PBS Need to Know, and Northwest Folklife. Big thanks to all the participants!

We shared tips on setting up a lightweight multimedia archive, the differences between content management systems, and archival best practices. We also talked about our work with SoundCloud, Omeka and the Internet Archive, and shared a bit about what we have planned for the next few months. If you’re feeling sad that you missed it, don’t despair! We’re recruiting candidates to beta test our system with free support, so if you’ve got a collection in need of archiving, we’d love to hear from you: popuparchive@gmail.com.

Deadline for submissions is Thursday, November 15th. We’ll pick one winner per theme, to be announced on Monday, November 26. Each winner will receive a one year SoundCloud Pro membership. Good luck!