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Jane Master Polysix: Share your unique synth techniques with KORG and SoundCloud

Back in December, KORG announced their iPolysix Remix Contest for their new app iPolysix for iPad. Remix a track from the selection of original tracks provided by KORG, composed entirely on the iPolysix. There’s nine days left to enter the contest. Head over to http://ipolysix.herokuapp.com to find out more.


Your track will be certified as an Official Track and pre-installed on the next iPolysix update. A ton of other goodies are also up for grabs.

Here’s a sample of some sounds that have been created using iPolysix in the iPolysix Featured Tracks Vol. 1 set so far and a newly posted Vol. 2.

SoundCloud Create a sound that’s never been heard before

We’re challenging you to bust out your thinking caps and get experimental with…sound! So how would you capture the birth of an idea in the form of sound? Or the sound of falling in love? Or even better, the sound of a post-apocalyptic landscape?

We’ve teamed up with Vancouver Film School (VFS) to get the gears in your brain turning, your record buttons ready, and encourage all of you SoundClouders to capture a sound that’s never been heard before. We’re excited and so is VFS, check out a special recording from Shane Rees, VFS’s Head of Sound Design for Visual Media here:

The SoundClouders who are successful in capturing a sound that’s never been heard before will have a chance to win a full tuition scholarship to VFS’s Sound Design for Visual Media program. Cool deal, huh? Now, down to business:

Capture at least one of the below topics in the form of sound, in whichever way you like – and with as much creativity as you can:

• The colour red
• The birth of an idea
• An imaginary animal being born
• Falling in love
• A post-apocalyptic landscape

Enter on the contest page here for a chance to win a scholarship. When entering make sure to write (in the sound’s description) who you are, why sound is a passion for you, what equipment/software/techniques you used to create your submission and what makes you so sure this program is what you want to do. More details on the contest here.

Alright, sound good? Ready, set, go be the first to record a sound that’s never been heard!

David Creative Commons Mashup Contest!

To celebrate the great collection of Creative Commons tracks on SoundCloud, we’re holding a remix contestCC style! So in the spirit of “some rights reserved”, upload your best CC samples and loops and then get remixing them into brand new pieces. It’s simple:

1. The sample repository can be found here. Get samples from others and upload your own! Make sure you make them download-able, add the CC-Attribution license and tag them properly (this is key!).

    Drop your samples here!

2. Create your mashup using the pieces provided in the sample repository, and upload it to the contest page.

3. Vote for the one you like the most!

Prizes: The user getting the most votes will be provided with a SoundCloud Pro account account and highlighted in our official blog together with three runners who’ll win a yearly SoundCloud Lite account.

The contest ends on October 24 (midnight CET) and the winners will be announced the following week.

Happy mash-up-ing!