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SoundCloud We’re partnering with Pioneer DJ’s DJM-REC app to make your life easier

We get it: you want a better way to get your mixes out into the world and heard by millions. Starting today, we’ve made it easier than ever to record, upload and share your content directly to SoundCloud using Pioneer DJ’s DJM-REC app on iOS.

In addition to fast, effortless sharing directly to SoundCloud, the DJM-REC app offers you:

  • Easy connection to DJM series mixers equipped with the send/return feature
  • High-quality audio recordings that minimize clipping and distortion
  • Live streaming mixes
  • Post-production mixing capabilities
  • Tracklist editing

We are excited to add Pioneer DJ’s DJM-REC to our growing list of partnerships and integrations available for DJs, including: Apple GarageBand, Apple Logic X, Ableton Live, Avid ProTools, Steinberg Cubase, Music Maker Jam and PreSonus Studio One.

You can download Pioneer DJ’s DJM-REC app today in the Apple App Store, and try it absolutely free for a 30 days (then purchase for $9.99 after the trial period).

Eric QC Mixtapes and the Mixcloud

It’s great to see all the cool stuff people are building on the SoundCloud API and our widgets. Here’s one project that we’d like to highlight, it’s a mixtape site called QC Mixtapes and they have a feature built on SoundCloud called the Mixcloud. Here you can browse mixes from different genres in a really smooth way. If you’re a DJ and you’re reading this you can easily submit your mix to the site by sending a message to QC Mixtapes on SoundCloud with a link to your mix on SoundCloud.
Here we are browsing the ‘funk’ genre:


Here’s the single page for a mix:


They’ve also built a Facebook app, so you can share mixes you like there.


All in all, great stuff!

David #6 Adeline Supreme & La Fleur

They have played their special blend of mega house, filthy beats and dirty dancing all over europe by now, including places like Ibiza and S:t Petersburg. And, one of them is actually celebrating her birthday with us on friday! Give it up for the extremely energetic duo:

Adeline Supreme (Housewives, Stockholm)

La Fleur (Housewives, Stockholm)

From playing piano, drums, organ and a couple of different flutes in Adeline’s very early years she proceeded to DJing in 2004. It all started in a DJ school she attended in a grey winter Stockholm, Sweden…
…And from the day Adeline learnt what a pitch was, she has certainly evolved her own style. Mega House is everything you wish for when you feel like dancing! Call it dirty house, electro house, progressive house or filthy techno grooves, whichever, it will pull in your jeans and tee until you jump up and down, as much as she does.  The DJing has taken her from discos to discos in Sweden, Germany, Spain, Norway, Russia and Finland. Since the autumn of 2006 she is working with Housewives, which has evolved to become a very well known conceptual DJ duo.

La Fleur’s style is not easily captured, technically astounding and blessed with a unique presence, she seduces any crowd into musical bliss. Not willing to niche herself, La Fleur charmes the audience with tasteful minimal only to follow it up with a wake up call of harsh electro and ruthless techno. Forget any myths about Swedes being chilled, this lady has an arsenal of musical weapons that can whip any dancefloor into a state of arousal.

Having started back in 2003, La Fleur quickly became known around the Stockholm scene and landed residencies at all the major clubs including: Grodan Cocktail Club, Berns and Teatron; as well as numerous international bookings in such cities as: Dubai, Barcelona, Jakarta, Athens, Marrakech, Berlin and Beirut. La Fleur was ranked as nr 6 in “Swedens’s best topp 100 DJs- list” and now being nominated by Scandinavian Music Convention (SMC) in the category “Best DJ” 2008.

Success has leaded La Fleur to focuss fulltime on her DJ profession, while devoting her scarce free time to producing her own style of music.

Their latest Top Ten Chart is right over at Juno, get it now!