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David Tea(m) Time with Vitor

It’s Friday again, that means it is time for our weekly employee interview series that we have dubbed “Tea(m) Time”! Today, help us welcome Vitor to our team in Berlin!

Specifics: Vitor, from Brasil, Engineer

Why Berlin?: International, fantastic and SoundCloud is located here!

How was relocation?: Easy! The HR team is on top of everything

Vitor likes…: So many things! Learning German, sports, soccer, hanging out

Passionate about: People!

If you want to join Vitor in Berlin or SF and get your own Tea(m) Time, check out our job openings here!

David Tea(m) Time with Hema Manickavasagam

It is Friday again, that means it is time for our weekly employee interview series that we have dubbed “Tea(m) Time”! Today, help us welcome Hema Manickavasagam to our team in Berlin!

On Tuesday, Hema and I sat under the big tree infront of SoundCloud’s second office in Berlin. We chatted about Hema’s love of exploring, how she got introduced to SoundCloud and I learned that her favorite word is “ice-cream.” Hear her full interview below!

Specifics: Hema Manickavasagam, based in San Francisco, from India, product manager.

Passions: Exploring, reading, watching movies, walking around cities, taking photos, sketching.

Favorite place in Berlin so far: Karl-Marx-Allee.

Favorite sound: The Ocean.

Favorite word: Ice cream!

Best things about SoundCloud: Company culture, developers, WE Hack.

Hema’s favorite sounds on the ‘Cloud:

“The first is a reading of one of my favorite short stories by an Israeli author, Etgar Keret. The second is a band from Berkeley, the Fish Tank Ensemble. And the last is a classical Opera.”

You can follow Hema on the Internetz here: http://soundcloud.com/digitalcowgirl

If you want to join Hema in Berlin or SF and get your own Tea(m) Time, check out our job openings here!

David Fun Friday #1: Melanie Koeppen

Hey guys, I hope your week has been amazing! For the first Fun Friday post today, I want to introduce you to a great part of the Berlin team, Melanie Koeppen. A Berlin native, Melanie joined the content team about two months ago! Please help me welcome her.

Howdy Melanie, how ya doing?

Hey. Hope, you’re alright.

What’s your role? What do you like about it so far?

My job role says Content Manager which basically means I take care for all the content that’s being uploaded. It’s like looking after little sheep making sure they find their place in the ‘Cloud, are happy, not hungry or anything and I sing them nursery rhymes when they happen to be sad. That’s actually what I like about it. I’m not an artist myself but I feel as connected to and responsible for the sounds as they are and I want to make sure their message gets out to people.

Where are you from?

I grew up in a smallish town close to Berlin and lived in several other places before I kind of came back to Berlin.

What kind of shows do you like going to?

Good ones :) but usually music gigs in particular. I got more and more picky over the past years about what I want to actually see. I like music that delivers emotions and that touches me. And I prefer smaller venues.

What do you like about Berlin so far?

It’s a metropolis with a quite slow pace which I quite like. I also often simply stroll through the streets and get lost. I like the way you can switch between areas where absolutely nobody is and areas that are packed with people within a couple of blocks.

So Melanie, what kind of music are you listening to on SoundCloud right now?

I feel like I’m almost taking a break from music these days simply because I don’t listen to much nowadays (which is quite unusual for me because I’m such an addict). But those two songs definitely stick out and are worth listening to:

Silent Portraits is my friend’s project and it’s just amazing.

Latest tracks by Silent Portraits

This is a song from Amplifier’s last album and this is the next scheduled gig I want to go to.

Amplifer – The Wave – MP3 by Amplifiertheband

So Melanie, what are some reasons that someone should join the SoundCloud team?

There is no reason why someone should NOT join SoundCloud :) I mean, sound is so unique, not repeatable in most cases and worth being preserved from getting wasted in the moment. So, recording the world is just the best thing to do. Yeah, go ahead, open you ears and listen :)

Thanks for the great interview Melanie! Welcome to the team :) You can follow her on SoundCloud!  Make sure to say a friendly hello!