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David Updated Facebook Application

Facebook is making some major changes to the way applications work on profiles and pages so we had to update our own application to meet the new (and ongoing) requirements. In short, Facebook is moving all in-page apps (aka boxes) to the tabs section of personal profiles and fan pages which means that you’ll need to update your SoundCloud Player and Dropbox apps.

Here’s how it works:

1. Find the SoundCloud Player App, search for the artist name and select the artist/track you’d like to add. You’ll get the best results by adding the direct URL of the user, track, set or group you’d like to add:

Selection2. Click ‘Save’ to add the player to the tabs section of your profile or page.

3. Go to your profile or page, ‘add a new tab’ and select ‘Tracks’ to add a proper tab. You can also move around the Tab to the spot of your choice:


That’s it, done (if you don’t see Tracks in the above box, type SoundCloud into the tab search field):

Tracks TabNote: Facebook will make some changes to its overall design (current ETA is late January postponed to February) and the Tracks tab will look much nicer than it does today. Also, we might add some other cool stuff to the Player app. Stay tuned.

David Getting creative with Facebook, @DirtySecretz show us how

SoundCloud users and DJ/production duo Dirty Secretz just tweeted a link to their Facebook page where they managed to do a really nice integration between Facebook and SoundCloud that we’d like to share with you. This is the landing page of Dirty Secretz’ artist page on Facebook:

Facebook | Dirty Secretz

Clicking on “Check out our Tracks” will redirect you to the Tracks tab in the top menu where they have embedded their set. Also very nice, instead of simply choosing auto-play, they have a prominent button in the center that will start playing the tracks when clicking Play:

Facebook | Dirty Secretz-1

They’ve also done this for the Remix tab:

Google Chrome

The best part: they’re sharing with us and you how they made it so you can go ahead and create something similar. For you tech-heads out there, install the Facebook Static FBML app, then follow the instructions posted here and add the link to the .swf from the embed code you want to add. If you need help, send them a shout via Twitter head over here to get the full instructions. Nice!

Thanks, guys! Very beautiful.

David New feature: Push to other Social Networks

We’re excited to share the news with you about a new feature we just launched. We weren’t quite sure how to name it so we’re just going to call it “Push to other Social Networks” as it best describes what it actually does. With this new feature you can easily manage on what social networks other than SoundCloud you’d like your events (new favorites and new public tracks & sets) to get published. We currently support Twitter, MySpace and Facebook. Here it is:


Find this feature in your Extensions settings. As you can see, the variety of settings gives you full control of what you’d like to see pushed to your other social profiles. You can also customize the messages for Facebook and MySpace to give it a personal touch.

Bild 2

As an admin of one or more Facebook Pages, the cool thing is that you can also select the pages you want your events to be pushed to from the menu highlighted below. So if you’re an artist with your own Facebook Page you can automatically push events to your personal and to your artist profile. It’s a brand-new feature that Facebook only made available a few days ago. Pretty cool, huh!

Extensions - SoundCloud

Once you’ve uploaded a track, set or have favorited a track, it will automatically show up on your social network profile. Here’s how it looks in your Facebook stream:

Facebook Stream

Hat tip to our developer Johannes who spent the last couple of days building this feature. As always, please let us know what you think in the comments.

Update: Here’s the screencast explaining how it works: