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David Create & Share (Even) More Easily

Just insane – uhm – just in time for SXSW, we’re releasing a couple of awesome new features to SoundCloud. And this time we have updates all across the board, making it even easier for you to share the sounds you’ve created. Let’s hear what the Weatherman has lined up for you:

On the menu for you today we have:

1. Login with Facebook

This one probably doesn’t need too much of an introduction as we’re sure you’ve seen and used it before for other services. SoundCloud now supports the ability to sign up or log in using your Facebook credentials. For people you’re sharing your sounds with, this will make it easier and more streamlined for them to sign up for a SoundCloud account in order to leave a comment on one of your tracks or add it to their favorites. Sign up and log in are currently only possible on the web version but we’ll be following up by enabling this in our mobile apps and any third-party app using a SoundCloud connection very soon.

2. SoundCloud Apps: Android, iPhone and Desktop

Head over to the app stores to update because we’ve refreshed all our apps: besides many bug fixes and streaming improvements, these are the new additions:

Android & iPhone: both apps now let you check in to Foursquare when uploading a new recording. Also, browse through followers and followings for any user profile to find more great SoundClouders

Android: post and view comments, share to Twitter & Facebook and via email, choose from two nifty widgets for your homescreen

Desktop: improved playlist creation, share private tracks via email, public tracks to your networks, drag & drop urls into the app

3. SoundCloud Mobile

Today, we’re also launching a mobile version of the site for other smartphones and tablets. When on your web-enabled mobile phone, head over to http://m.soundcloud.com to see the mobile version of SoundCloud in action. This first version allows you to play and find tracks, explore users and browse tags with plenty more functionality on its way. Pretty neat.

4. Songkick integration

And last but not least, with this Songkick integration, we’re making it easy for performers to add upcoming tour dates to their SoundCloud account. To enable Songkick on your profile, paste the url to your Songkick artist account in the You On The Web section of your account settings and three of your upcoming performances will be displayed on your profile.

So that’s it for today – make sure to check back as we’ll be posting a set of more detailed blog posts about the features we announced today right here on the blog starting next week.

In the meantime, if you’re headed to Austin for SXSW, safe travels and happy arrivals. And finally – as always – let us know what you think in the comments, you know we love your feedback.

David Nifty Thursday: Tweetback For Favorites

We rolled out a nifty little feature yesterday: if you have your Twitter account connected with SoundCloud and somebody who also has their Twitter account connected and auto-tweet enabled for favorites, you’ll see an @-reply in your mentions stream on Twitter.

Let’s have a look:

First, find something you like and click Save to favorites:

Now if your account is connected to automatically push new favorites to Twitter *and* the owner of the file has added their Twitter handle to their profile links, the Tweet will include a tweetback so – in this case, Paper Garden Records – can keep track of how many of their tracks are getting favorited and pushed to Twitter:

What do you think? As always, your feedback is welcome in the comments. Thanks!

SoundCloud Calling All Podcasters!

Are you a budding podcaster, or already have a podcast, and are interested in using SoundCloud as your podcasting service?  Well we want to hear from you!

We’ll soon be able to offer RSS feed capability for your tracks and will be rolling this out slowly with selected users. If you’d like to apply to be included in this program and possibly have the chance to become a featured podcaster, just fill in the form below. Whether you have a podcast you want to move to SoundCloud or have one in mind and have been waiting for the opportunity to get it out there, then sign up! The best and most interesting applications will get a special beta account too so you can really test drive SoundCloud.

So how do you get involved in this programs?  Well follow the link below and fill out the form. We’ll take a look at the application and get in touch!


Check out our SoundCloud for Podcasts 101 and Podcasting 101 for further details on the features and technical side of podcasting.

AND if you like listening to podcasts, why don’t you check out some of these to start!


Playback Media – a network of dedicated football team podcasts each with great hosts and guests. http://soundcloud.com/playbackmedia

A Football Report – these guys have a great blog on football and have recently started a podcast. http://soundcloud.com/afootballreport

Hand of Pod – in their own words “literally the only English language Argentine football podcast on the web”. http://soundcloud.com/hand-of-pod

Unnamed Sports Podcast – a nice little sports podcast by a chap named Mark. http://soundcloud.com/mark-dorey

Air Blais – Ryan Blais is a member of the Canadian aerial freestyle ski team and is using SoundCloud to keep up to date on his progress, interviews with his colleagues, injuries etc! http://soundcloud.com/airblais


Tech Zing – all about entrepreneurship and hacking. They do two shows a week, one informal chat, one interview. http://soundcloud.com/techzing

The Next Web – I think we all know about this one by now. The next web guys have been using SoundCloud for a fair old while and are always up to speed on the latest in the tech world. http://soundcloud.com/thenextweb

Business of Tech – a show put together by a chap named Kyle about, yep, business and tech. http://soundcloud.com/kwegner


Edge Hill Students Union – based in Lancashire this is the Student Union’s monthly pod on student related news and other chit chat. http://soundcloud.com/edgehill-students-union

Leeds Metropolitan – using SoundCloud to keep everyone up to date on their sport’s teams. http://soundcloud.com/leedsmet

Lincoln University Student Newspaper – a summary of the top stories from the last seven days in news, culture, lifestyle and style. http://soundcloud.com/thelinc


Critical Mass – A podcast running along side the development of a documentary on population growth. http://soundcloud.com/criticalmasspodcasts

Picture House Cinema – a collection of film podcasts by an independent cinema operator from the UK. http://soundcloud.com/picturehouses


Culture Northern Ireland – site all about culture in Northern Ireland. Great use of the player on their site and a really varied collection of audio, from audio essays to interviews. http://soundcloud.com/cultureni

Thrilling Adventure Hour – a monthly staged production performed at the Largo in Hollywood, in the style of old time radio, very entertaining! http://soundcloud.com/thrillingadventure

Museums Association – membership organisation for people working in museums, galleries and heritages. http://soundcloud.com/museumsassociation

King’s Place Podcast – Music and visual arts venue who do podcasts based around their events. http://soundcloud.com/kings-place

Sherman Theatre – a collection of short plays by the Sherman Theatre in Cardiff, Wales. http://soundcloud.com/shermancymru

Music Discussion

Digital Music Trends – a weekly podcast geared at providing you with the hottest news and the trendiest startups in the business. http://soundcloud.com/digitalmusictrends

Create Digital Music – a fantastic blog on the tech, kit, hardware, software etc of the music world and have now started a podcast. http://soundcloud.com/cdm

Pro Tone Pedals – Pro Tone Pedals is a guitar pedal company. Their podcast is used to demo their pedals but also talk to guitarists and what kit they use among other things. http://soundcloud.com/protonepedals

Hate Your Answering Machine – Every Tuesday this chap leaves a “message” on SoundCloud , responding to the latest in pop music, marginal or otherwise. He has also just set up a answer machine so you can do the same using our hack chatter.fm – check out our tumblr post from last week for more http://soundcloud.com/hateyouransweringmachine


Weekly Korean – Learn Korean with Suna and Joop! Joop wants to learn and Suna is helping. They are on hiatus at the moment but are planning a new season – there’s plenty of lessons to get started with! http://soundcloud.com/weeklykorean


Intelligence Squared – very good site which deals with very topical issues from North Korea to Harry Potter. Also host big lectures and interviews in London. http://soundcloud.com/intelligence2

Between the Sheets – a podcast for a social network only for women, often dealing with some serious issues. http://soundcloud.com/anil-srivatsa

Wannabe Hacks – a discussion platform for aspiring journalists. http://soundcloud.com/wannabe-hacks.


Medecins Sans Frontieres – incredible, brilliant charity using SoundCloud to simply and easily get the latest news on their findings, discoveries, issues when providing emergency medical aid! http://soundcloud.com/accesscampaign

Royal Society of Literature – The Royal Society of Literature is a cultural charity based in London. The aim of the RSL is to nurture, celebrate and defend Britain’s outstanding tradition of writing. http://soundcloud.com/rsl


Low Budget FM – great little comedy chat podcast. They just implemented the drop box to receive jokes and various weird audio from listeners so get using the record button via the site, iphone or android app and help them out! http://soundcloud.com/lowbudgetfm

Have I missed something? Do you do a spoken word podcast? Let us know in the comments!