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Brendan Interviews With SoundCloud Creators at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013

One of the best aspects of our time on the Royal Mile at Edinburgh Festival Fringe was connecting in person with many local SoundCloud creators. We sat down for interviews with former SoundClouder of the Day and singer/songwriter Amy Duncan, Dave Hook from Scottish hip hop group Stanley Odd, and folky Royal Mile regular Megan D.

Amy Duncan + SoundCloud

Amy Duncan

When Amy Duncan dropped out of music college and moved back to Glascow, she was unable to bring her double bass, her primary instrument at the time. Luckily, “There was a guitar sitting propped up in the corner of the flat I was staying in. I just picked it up and started making little tunes on the guitar and then started singing.” Now four albums into her music career, the multi-instrumentalist is playing out regularly with a wide variety of collaborators.

Her recent Creative Scotland funded album Cycles of Life gave her the opportunity to work with acclaimed producer Calum Malcolm. What was it like, working with a producer for the first time? Intimidating, but then great:

Amy’s main collaborator, Fiona Rutherford, a harpist and composer herself, “opened up the whole [local] folk world [of collaborators].” For her recent show at the Festival Fringe, Amy was joined on stage by Fiona and many other collaborators:

Amy says being named SoundClouder of the Day gave her “such a boost,” and finds the commenting on SoundCloud “really really helpful”:

The Fringe show was recorded for everyone unable to attend it and several of the tracks have been uploaded to Amy’s SoundCloud profile. Hear more of her interview, including what being SCOTD was like, on the Community Team’s profile.



Stanley Odd


Scottish hip hop group Stanley Odd, fronted by mc and lyricist Dave Hook, have had an excellent year – their album Reject was shortlisted for the Scottish Album of the Year Award and they toured New York City for the first time. Demand for tickets was so high that they had to add shows.

We sat down with Dave for a wide ranging conversation about his life and music. He’s an energetic, positive, and well-informed person so when we asked him what it was like to play shows in the birthplace of Hip Hop, we weren’t surprised when he said it was “amazing”:

The most surprising aspect of that trip was realizing how many people had discovered their music through online means like SoundCloud:

Like his lyrics, Dave was honest and thoughtful when interviewed. Because it’s still fairly rare to hear the Scottish accent in contemporary music, let alone in hip hop, we were curious as to how he came to find his voice:

More of his interview is also available on the Community Team’s profile.

(photo by Jannica Honey)


SoundCloud + Megan DMegan D

And now the story of a magical thing that happened at the SoundCloud Shack. Comedians Carl Donnelly and Chris Martin were podcasting live from the shack, talking occasionally with people they’d pull in off the street. SoundCloud creator Megan D happened to walk by on her way to busking up the Royal Mile. After a few moments of convincing, she agreed to stop and play a song. A crowd began to gather as she started singing.

If you haven’t been to Fringe, you should know that is difficult to get people’s attention on the Royal Mile. There are hundreds of performers competing for  attention. But Megan transfixed everyone. No one spoke, they just stood in silence waiting for her to finish. And when she did, the crowd burst into a sustained applause. It was clear to everyone present that we’d experienced one of those rare but incredible spontaneous moments made possible by live music. Megan first walks by at 16:20 in the below recording of the podcast.

Naturally, we asked her to come back and perform on her own the following day. This is Megan’s first years as a licensed busker: “Last year, I didn’t busk a lot, but I did go to lots of shows. But this year is the first year that I’ve got the busking license and I’ve been busking everyday and loving it.”

Megan first posted her music to SoundCloud about a year ago, when no one knew she was writing music. The reaction was instant and positive:

 Hear more from Megan in this set, posted to the Community Team profile.






SoundCloud Live Podcasting At The Edinburgh Festival Fringe

At the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this weekend? If you’re wondering what to watch, you might want to check out some of the amazing spoken word performers who stopped by to see us at The SoundCloud Shack while we were hanging out on the Royal Mile: hear these podcasts that were recorded live at the Shack.


Carl Donnelly and Chris Martin sat down with Eric Lampaert, some SoundCloud umbrellas, and a friendly passerby.

Stu Goldsmith chatted with Jeff Achtem, who’s at Fringe performing in Slapdash Galaxy:

Have you heard David Deery’s interview with Gemma Whelan? Sh’es doing a solo show and starring in a play at Fringe:

For Getting Better Acquainted, Dave Pickering spoke to poet Dan Simpson and Richard Tyrone Jones:

And Byrony Jones hosted a terrific episode of Stand Up Tragedy, chatting with Charley Harrison, MJ Hibbets and Daniel Simpson:


Still not sure what you want to catch at the festival? No problem: if you’re browsing the Edinburgh Festival Fringe website, you’ll see that many of the program listings have SoundCloud links — so you can hear samples from the performers and try before you buy. You’ll be laughing in no time.



Brendan We’re On The Fringe, And We’re Loving It

Greetings from Edinburgh, Scotland, where we’ve been camped out for three days in the SoundCloud Shack. It’s a little old place that we’ve set up to connect with all the audio & music creators and lovers who have come to Edinburgh to enjoy the Festival Fringe.

photo (4)

The SoundCloud Shack makes its global debut at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Right in the heart of the Fringe on the Royal Mile, we’re welcoming everyone to come to the Shack to check out product demos, enjoy some free cotton candy (orange, of course) and recharge their phones. We’ve got ponchos and umbrellas when the weather goes cloudy. And we’re here to chat all about audio on SoundCloud.

The Shack’s also a performance space: we’re inviting audio creators who are here at the Festival to do pop-up sets and record podcasts.

David Deery spoke to Gemma Whelan — she’s in two shows at Fringe, and you also might recognize her from her starring role as Yara Greyjoy in Game of Thrones.

Gemma Whelan speaks to David Deery at the SoundCloud Shack in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Gemma Whelan speaks to David Deery at the SoundCloud Shack in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Dave Pickering recorded an episode of Getting Better Acquainted and Stu Goldsmith also swung by to record The Comedian’s Comedian Podcast.


Stu Goldsmith and guest chat…puppets.

Bryony Hawkins and her guests provided a bit of darker humor with a live recording of Standup Tragedy.

SoundCloud at Ed Fringe 2013Haven’t gotten to swing by the Shack yet? Good news: we’ll be here until Monday. Not in Edinburgh this year? No problem: follow the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for the next best thing to being here.