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David Your City Unmuted: Highlights From Global Meetup Day

Thanks everyone for participating on this Global Meetup Day! It is quite thrilling to see so many different SoundClouders get together all across the world on the same day. We thought it’d be fun to share some of the amazing things we’ve received from you, so feel free to take a moment to right dive in and check it out!

London, United Kingdom

Tokyo, Japan

  • For a second time in a row, SoundClouders met up in Tokyo. Users brought with them portable gear with smartphone producer-devotee Kaz Mashino performing a live jam!

Nelson, United Kingdom

Antwerp, Belgium

  • With very good weather, it was the perfect day for a meetup in the city’s center. At peak time there were dozens of people who stopped by to witness the performances by Alien Robot Dance and Vegas!

Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Every month producers and music-aficionados meet at Cafe Retro to share tips and tricks with one another. This time, SoundClouders were invited. That Soundcloud is the collaborative music producer’s best friend is a sure thing! More details in their blog post.

Vilnius, Lithuania

  • A creative workshop environment was arranged where SoundClouders divided into groups with each one of them creating a track. Here is what SoundClouder of the Day Vlad Solovjov and his group created together:

Torino, Italy

  • Meeting for the first time, SoundClouders arranged the get together in Megabeatz Studioa former primary school converted into place for local artists and musicians. The idea was to simply break the ice and plant the seed for a more connected SoundCloud community in Torino blog post here.

Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

We put on a little dinner for some of the people in our downtown homeless community. My group of friends and family, Spread The Love, were asked to provide the meal the day before when we previously thought were just needed to help serve the meal…We were able to provide food for about 40 people. I organized the meetup and recruited one of my very talented SoundCloud friends to help us serve food and play guitar. Another SoundCloud user, who was a complete stranger, found me through the Meetup page and got in touch with me via my About.me link on my blog. He drove about an hour for the dinner and played his guitar while we ate pizza. Here is a clip of Tony Mason “Proverbalist” on the guitar:

By the end of the evening, both of my friends were playing the guitar while the rest of my friends & family served up watermelon for dessert. lt was a great time!

Check out Kick Homelessness to help raise funds and volunteers for the 2011 Paris Homeless World Cup.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • One year ago, the first SoundCloud meetup in Brazil was held in a house about to be demolished and occupied by artists of the Galeria Choque Cultural. This time around for the second meetup focused on hearing new music productions and to make room for those who wanted to come and showcase their own material!

San Francisco, California, USA

Don’t forget that it’s always possible to hear different sounds from SoundCloud meetups all over the world with our SoundCloud Meetup Map. Mark your gathering by tagging your recording ‘scmeetup’!

Upcoming meetups: Indianapolis this Saturday and New Delhi on June 8th.

Want to organize your own or find one in your city? Click here to get started!

David Global Meetup Day Berlin ! : Recapping the Action

Man o man! Yesterday was such a hoot at the SoundCloud Headquarters here in Berlin! From 7pm to 10 pm we held our third annual Global Meetup Day! The evening started off with some yummy snacks and drinks + a lot of mingling and music from SoundCloud user Bennis Burke.

As the sun went down, @David spoke to the crowd and got those interested to sign up for the Sound Scavenger Hunt! The hunt took teams of five armed with the SoundCloud app to the streets to record a plethora of sounds. Some were hard to find (Ex: A Swan Attacking), some were super interactive (Ex: Singing a song as a group) and some were just plain FUN (Ex: The most interesting sound in the world!) – ALL were amazing! Listen to some below!

swedish accent from @niclahs by BerlinHunt2

S43 don’t use this on commerical at St. Oberholz by BerlinHunt4

At 9pm, all the teams reconvened on the roof terrace and we picked a winner! It was a close one, but Team Amor won – led by SoundCloud employee Tobi (other members included @bangpowwww, @discordianfish, @djlae, @fatadj, @mizeter ), with @Davids team following close behind!

After we gave out the prizes to the winners, we listened to our very own Project Matt spin some records late into the evening! Overall, we all had a blast and can’t wait until the next Global Meetup Day!! Thanks for being such an awesome Community and special thanks to SoundCloud user Christian Zebrowski for helping manage the Meetup!

Want to see some #scmeetup pictures from last night? If you attended the meetup or even if you missed out this time around, you can peep some of the pictures from the evening on Facebook here. Check them out and don’t forget to tag yourselves!

SoundCloud The Final Countdown to Global Meetup Day — One Week Left!

Global Meetup Day is exactly one week away, and we can’t hide our excitement anymore! It’s happening on February 9th, and we’re taking some time out to show you the incredible events organized by SoundClouders all over the world.

Kicking it off in advance is Singapore’s meetup tomorrow along with Bucharest’s workshop this Saturday. If you live in those areas, check them out and RSVP before it’s too late!

Over here in Berlin, we’re holding the meetup at our headquarters. We’re asking attendees to upload their own samples/field recordings either before or during the meetup! If you prefer to create something longer, the sample group will be your goody bag. That’s right, choose the sample(s) you like the most and create a full track with them! Once that track’s done, upload it to our Meetup Track Shack. We’re hoping that all contestants will use the SoundCloud record button to create these samples and tracks — may the best track AND sample win (prizes will be awarded to the winners)! And, for the SoundCloud users who just want to sit back and enjoy the ride, you’re more than welcome — we have a special spot for you too ;)

Here are some other cool meetups happening on the 9th:

  • In London, Tim Exile will be doing a live jam at the Cargo
  • Studios 301 will be the host in Sydney, where they’ll be bringing a musical weapon of choice each
  • Dublin is having a mad producers’ night in a blue double-decker bus
  • Glasgow’s having an incredible laptop jam
  • Get together and perform in Boston
  • In Montréal, they’ll produce a radio show
  • Producer showcase in Atlanta
  • Vilnius is organizing a workshop
  • Hong Kong is hosting a seminar
  • New York will have a live acoustic session by Emanuel Ayvas

That’s not all, folks! Head over to meetup.com to see if one is happening near you!

On Global Meetup Day, remember to tag all your tweets with the hashtag: #scmeetup. All tracks uploaded with the word “scmeetup” will be put on our Meetup Map (screenshot seen above), which will be publicly released before the big day. Happy collaborating and meeting!