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David Weekend fun: Citysounds 2.0

Exactly one month ago, we introduced you to Citysounds.fm, a really cool mashup created by Henrik Berggren and David Kjelkerud during the London Music Hack Day. Citysounds is built on top of the SoundCloud API and makes it easy to browse through SoundCloud tracks from a specific city around the world.

Today, Henrik and David inform us about a big update they just launched and let me tell you that it’s pretty exciting. They’ve added a great set of features and we think that the current look & feel is a big improvement. So what’s new?

Show more tracks from one city: when selecting a city on the frontpage, you’ll be able to click through to the city overview page where it will show you more tracks from that city:


There is a set of new features added to each city overview page:

Browse: Listen to the latest tracks, browse through the most popular genres or just hit shuffle.

Interesting stats: San Francisco for instance has a total of 237 tracks and every week, an average of 37 new tracks are added which makes San Francisco the 10th most active city on Citysounds.fm (and SoundCloud for that matter). Currently, the most popular genres are Dubstep, House and Electro.


There’s more:

Share via Twitter: If you’d like to share a city on Twitter, just hit the button on the bottom right of the page. In a new window, the city and link to Citysounds are already included. and you can edit your tweet if you like. Once posted, your name will be added to the list of Listeners. Really cool!

Browse more: on a city overview page, Citysounds will show you more cities from the same country. Or just hit Random City and it will randomly choose a city for you to discover. Trust me, there is music to discover from cities you’ve probably never heard of.


Ever wondered what music they play in Budapest, Gent, Helsinki, Minsk or Tarragona? Check it out or start with the usual suspects London, Berlin or Los Angeles. Have a great weekend everyone!

Oh, one more thing: If you’re a developer and have other cool ideas like Citysounds you’d want to build, save the date: We’ll be holding a Music Hack Day in Berlin on September 21st/22nd 18th-20th. Stay tuned for details and make sure you block the date to join us for some music hacking. Details to follow.

Eric The Sound of the Cities – Presenting Citysounds.fm

One of the coolest mashups that came out of the Music Hackday was definitely Citysounds.fm, built by Henrik Berggren and David Kjelkerud. Citysounds.fm is a really great way of tuning in to the contemporary sound of cities around the world.


The tracks and city information is fetched from the SoundCloud API–in fact the list of cities and tracks is even updated in real time as new tracks roll into SoundCloud. Additionally, pictures for each city are fetched from Flickr.

citysounds-3Try listening to Tunapuna, Trinidad for danceable tropical rhythms or to Belgrade for some of that eastern Europe progressive. It’s surprising how distinctive cities sound around the world!

We should also mention that Citysounds.fm is built with Ruby on Rails using our excellent Ruby Gem. The gem makes it a breeze to integrate SoundCloud into your application. You can read more about it over at Github.