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Jane Meet the Hans Zimmer Wants You!! Contest Finalists


Congratulations to the three finalists of the Hans Zimmer Wants You!! contest on SoundCloud. We first announced this exciting contest back in January. After receiving more than 6,000 entries, Hans Zimmer and the Bleeding Fingers Music Shop have announced the three finalists:

Hear their final submissions here and get to know them more in each of their audio interviews below:

Daniel Suett is a 22-year-old composer from London who comes from a musical family as his father was a jazz trumpet player. “I would often listen to the things he was playing and work them out on a small keyboard I had when I was a child. From then on, I was always writing little phrases and it grew from there. I never took it seriously, however, until I was about 19.”

Daniel says the contest’s constraints made it the perfect creative challenge for him to utilize different musical styles. “I mostly tried to list all the genres and musical styles that some of the stems lent themselves well to, particularly the solo vocal as it had the most potential in terms of diversity. From there, it was a lot of playing around on the piano trying to see how fragments of the stems could be harmonically manipulated, and then matching up certain harmonies and colors with appropriate genres and styles.”

Stats on SoundCloud have been valuable to Daniel in reaching his audience and connecting with other musicians globally. “To be able to see such detailed statistics on your music and how you are connected over the globe is a very valuable tool. Thanks to SoundCloud, I now think there is no excuse for anyone who makes music to say that they don’t know how to reach an audience. When you have the available tools and flexibility, it makes you want to utilize it.”

Texas-born composer Ryan Taubert was 10 years old, watching Jurassic Park when he knew he wanted to be a composer. “It felt unlike anything I had heard before. By the time I got home I wanted to sit at the piano and try to play the score by memory. Ever since then I knew without a doubt I wanted to do that for the rest of my life.”

“Throwing everything on the canvas” was Ryan’s approach towards creating his submission for the contest which he says was “representative of a new season in life and a new golden opportunity.” “Once there was so much stuff randomly added in the session, it then became a process of elimination. It was like putting a puzzle together or molding clay. In a sense the track would reveal itself to me through an idea and then I just ran with it. I tried to create a world that I could step into, whether it be dramatic or comedic.”

SoundCloud has been pivotal to Ryan’s career and the way he interacts with other musicians. “I think SoundCloud has helped create a culture of artistic freedom. Having so many artists networking with each other and showcasing their music to the world has changed the paradigm in a sense that it’s allowed artists to connect directly with fans expressing themselves with the music that they enjoy creating.”

Eirik Røland is a freelance composer from Stockholm, Sweden who recently graduated from the Royal College of Music with a Master’s degree in sound design. He started playing violin at the age of 5 . He ultimately got interested in composing film music once he started creating symphonic metal music.

Eirik says his approach towards creating the contest submission was simple. “It was very easy actually, I went with my first impulses in the intro with the trumpet, and I had a good flow from there. One thing led to another.”

Eirik mostly uses SoundCloud as a CV or reel of his work. “I’ve been a SoundCloud user for about two years and I’m very pleased. It’s easy to upload and Its very convenient for me that I can make sets and playlist for my scores.”

The three finalists will be flown to Los Angeles later this month to meet with Hans Zimmer and the Bleeding Fingers team in-person. Stay tuned for updates on the determination of the final winner here on the blog.

Jami SoundCloud Speaks #3 – Steven Leckart

Earlier this year, we introduced our new audio series ‘SoundCloud Speaks‘, where we take an in-depth look into stories from the ‘cloud, and the users behind them. Today, we’re happy to present our third installment.

In this episode, Evan spoke to Steven Leckart, writer for Wired and Pop-Up Magazine, about how he uses audio recording (and SoundCloud) as part of both his work, and his personal life. For Steven, capturing sound isn’t just about recording words to transcribe, but saving a moment in time.

For more from Steven, head to his site, or Twitter.

SoundCloud Speaks‘ is your show, so let us know what you’d like to hear. If you have a story you’d like to tell, a question you’d like answered, or want to recommend a friend’s sounds for us to share, get in touch by either leaving a comment.

You can hear all previous episodes here.

Thanks again for listening, hope you enjoy!

(For more spoken word, check out our blog series ‘SoundCloud Voices’)

SoundCloud SoundCloud Voices

SoundCloud Voices is a weekly Community feature focusing on new spoken word creators found on SoundCloud. It might be a podcast, radio show, audio book, interview, audio messages, a poem, anything! Keep an eye out every Thursday for a new post.

SoundCloud Voices this week takes a look at how news organisation Al Jazeera have been using SoundCloud this week to cover the Russian Elections.  Taking place on March 4th, Al Jazeera reporter Christopher True has been in Moscow leading up to the date covering the build up, getting a sense of the thoughts and feelings of the public.  Some of this coverage has been done using SoundCloud’s iPhone app which has been used to interview the Russian public on their thoughts on Putin and generally on the presidential election.   Some of these recordings took place earlier this week at a demonstration against Putin and for free and fair elections.  Protesters joined hands and formed, approximately, a 16km long chain along the Garden Ring in central Moscow.  Chris was able to interview some of the protesters simply by recording with the SoundCloud app  and said “I  found the application very easy to use, I think also it’s less intrusive than a dictaphone so people are more relaxed in talking.”.  You can read the full report by Chris True on the Al Jazeera web site.

Take a listen to this interview with Alexander and Ilyia who took part in the human chain on Sunday.

Or Ekaterina who also was part of the protests.

Al Jazeera have also been making use of the ability to plot location within the SoundCloud iPhone app.  We have the ability to plot audio to maps so over the next week you should follow Al Jazeera’s Russian Elections map which will be showcasing all the audio that Chris has recorded on location.

Go over to the Al Jazeera site to take a deeper look, but to give you an idea, it looks a little like this:

Since the protests on Sunday, Chris has continued to interview the Moscow public.  Here’s a couple more interviews for you to listen to!  It’s great to hear a wide demographic of people of different ages and professions giving their opinions!

If you are interested in trying out SoundCloud as a spoken word podcast platform, you can sign up for via this form. Successful candidates will be emailed with further details.