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SoundCloud The new iOS profiles on SoundCloud 🎶 allow you to reintroduce yourself 🎶

Today we’re introducing a new profile design on iOS that gives you maximum brand exposure, increased plays and more followers, all in one place.

As the only platform that allows creators and listeners to connect in real time, this new layout will make it easier for fans and fellow artists to see who you are and navigate your content. When they land on your profile, they can instantly play what you’ve pinned to Spotlight or dive into your Top Tracks (most played in the past 90 days) and get to know what you’re all about via your bio and imagery. If they like what they hear (and see), they can send your profile to friends in seconds with the all-new ‘Share profile’ button.

While the new profiles on iOS will automatically level up your presence, you can also actively use the tools to promote yourself. On desktop, update your profile photo and header image to correspond with your latest (look or release, respectively), craft a clever bio so that fans get a glimpse of your personality, list your credentials and contact info, and pin a track you want to highlight in the Spotlight section. And once your profile is looking its best, you can shop it around in just one tap. 

Even if you don’t have iOS, chances are a lot of your fans do, and Android users can take advantage of this redesign by updating your profile on web. As the new profiles on iOS will pull in your desktop profile, your audience will see the more streamlined mobile experience on their phones. So everybody wins.

While social media handles are a good way to swap contact info or a snapshot of your work, as a creator you know it’s important to be seen and heard. Now your SoundCloud account is the only digital handshake you need: your visual and auditory introduction to followers, fellow creators and industry execs. They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression – but you actually do with new profiles on iOS.

The new profile rolls out to users today and is available via the latest version of the SoundCloud mobile app on iOS.

SoundCloud Comments on mobile are back and available on iOS and Android


You know that moment: you’re listening to a new track and BAM it hits you. Sometimes it’s the beat, that simple melody, that clever rhyme. All you know is when it happens you need to express how you feel about it, no matter where you are in your day.

Today, we’re excited to relaunch comments on mobile with a brand new experience on iOS and Android so you can comment on tracks anytime, anywhere, right from your phone.

  • Easy navigation: Simply tap the conversation bubble icon to leave a comment or read the time-stamped comments on tracks.
  • Give and receive feedback instantly: Have more flexibility over when and where you share feedback on your favorite tracks.
  • More control and freedom: Manage your own comments and comments by the community with the ability to easily delete and leave comments on tracks.

As the world’s largest music streaming platform sparking social connections between artists and fans around the world, SoundCloud creates an open, authentic and dynamic community where everyone can share and connect.

So be heard. Hear back. Connect anytime, anywhere – first on SoundCloud.

Jeremy Spotlight – now on iOS

Spotlight allows creators with Pro accounts to pin up to five tracks or playlists to the top of a profile page.


What does this mean?

Fans will now be able to see the tracks and playlists you’ve placed in your Spotlight on your profile page in the app.


How does it work?

If you’re already using Spotlight on desktop, your pinned tracks and/or playlists will appear on your iOS profile automatically. Edit your Spotlight selections on desktop to change them in the app.


Want to get started using Spotlight? Learn more here >


What about Android?

While this update is currently only available for iOS, we’re working on adding it to Android soon. Stay tuned!