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David Tea(m) Time with Laura Dunne

It is Friday again, that means it is time for our weekly employee interview series that we have dubbed “Tea(m) Time”! Today, help us welcome Laura Dunne to our team in Berlin!

On Wednesday Laura and I took a walk around Mitte, the neighborhood (“kiez” auf Deutsch) in Berlin where the SoundCloud HQ is located. We chatted about the Irish language, Laura’s deep love of music that stems from her upbringing and she talked to me about her new life in Berlin. Listen to her full interview below!

Specifics: Laura Dunne, originally from Ireland, Community Support Specialist, based in the Berlin HQ

Favorite sound: An orchestra tuning up!

Passions: Music & going to gigs with her music loving family! Also, Laura played the Violin for 5 years.

Favorite thing about Berlin: The people & the laid back vibe!

Favorite Irish words: Sceallóga = chips! & Sceitimíní = excited

If she could be in one band, it would be..: Katy Perry! As a back-up dancer/singer

Laura’s favorite sounds on the ‘cloud are:

Gottfried Beyer – Uhura

and KO KO – So Strange

You can follow Laura on the Internetz here: http://soundcloud.com/lauraannedunne

If you want to join Laura in Berlin and get your own Tea(m) Time, check out our job openings here!