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SoundCloud Barbecue, bands and SXSW sounds

Wow, Austin took our breath away, I think we’re just about recovered. So much awesome stuff happened that we thought we’d better write them all down and share with you. If you were at SXSW, we’d love to hear your stories too.

First up… bands. So many bands and so much good music. And it wasn’t just about blagging our way into the Foo Fighters VIP to catch Dave Grohl play through the new album, it was also about the 2000+ plus acts that all made their way to Austin to showcase at the official (and unofficial) parties. We did our research and found that over 400 of these bands had SoundCloud accounts, so we got busy asking them to add their music to Paper Garden’s SXSW Showcase group. Listen to the results…

SXSW 2011 Showcasing bands!

But it wasn’t just music we were looking forward to. It was also the SXSW sounds. We reached out via Twitter to ask for willing SXSW Sound Ambassadors to fill up our interactive sound map of Austin. Our Sound Ambassadors (and one VC) managed to capture everything from elevator pitches, to interviews, to street noise, to buskers, to drunken conversations in bars. Go check it all out on the map.

We also teamed up with Billboard and Blue Microphones who used our map widgets to create their own special sound maps to great effect! If you’d like to do something similar then get in touch.

Last but not least I wanted to leave you with a few bonus tracks that involve our very own Alexander Ljung. First up go and check out one of many podcasts of panel recordings that are being uploaded by Hittin Interactive, one of which is actually one of Alex’s panels entitled ‘Selling Services To Musicians‘.

And to finish off check out this spontaneous remix of Alex talking about Austin’s world famous barbecue.

Alex’ Austin BBQ by Jackplug

David Friday Fun: Introducing Tracks On A Map

Tracks on a Map

TracksOnAMap is an outcome of the Berlin Music Hackday. It was built by Johan Uhle (with the help of our own Katharina and Eric) on top of the SoundCloud API and features hundreds of recent tracks uploaded to SoundCloud in thousands of different locations around the globe.

To get started, simply zoom in to a location of your choice and click the purple dots – each dot shows that there are tracks available in that area, the bigger the dots, the more tracks for you to check out. Tracks on a Map-1

Pictured above, you’ll see a recent track coming straight out of San Francisco – Bassnectar with a preview of his remix he did for Fever Ray’s ‘When I Grow Up‘. On the upper right corner of the window you can share the link to the city on Twitter and Facebook or just copy the direct link (see picture on the right). Below the track playing, you’ll be able to select more tracks from the same location.

In the main player you’ll find direct links to the artist and track on SoundCloud and you can also link back to that specific track on TracksOnAMap via Facebook & Twitter. If you wish to just randomly discover tracks, hit the arrow on the right and the app will take you on a trip around the world to a city of its choice. Clicking on a genre below the player will filter the tracks according to how they were tagged by a SoundCloud user.

We like it a lot! Nice work, Johan.

Have a great weekend, everyone!