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David Yet another SoundCloud API wrapper – ActionScript (AS3)

Today we have yet a new API announcement – a universal SoundCloud API wrapper for Flash, Flex and AIR projects, written in ActionScript 3.0.

It’s written by Dorian Roy and here’s a quote from his blog:

This library enables your Flash or Flex projects to communicate with SoundCloud’s API to upload tracks, create playlists, edit user info and so on. It handles all the complicated OAuth authentication in the background so you only have to deal with a few simple methods.

Here you’ll find more info and a quick start tutorial for how to connect a Flash app to SoundCloud.

Eric The Sound of the Cities – Presenting Citysounds.fm

One of the coolest mashups that came out of the Music Hackday was definitely Citysounds.fm, built by Henrik Berggren and David Kjelkerud. Citysounds.fm is a really great way of tuning in to the contemporary sound of cities around the world.


The tracks and city information is fetched from the SoundCloud API–in fact the list of cities and tracks is even updated in real time as new tracks roll into SoundCloud. Additionally, pictures for each city are fetched from Flickr.

citysounds-3Try listening to Tunapuna, Trinidad for danceable tropical rhythms or to Belgrade for some of that eastern Europe progressive. It’s surprising how distinctive cities sound around the world!

We should also mention that Citysounds.fm is built with Ruby on Rails using our excellent Ruby Gem. The gem makes it a breeze to integrate SoundCloud into your application. You can read more about it over at Github.

Eric QC Mixtapes and the Mixcloud

It’s great to see all the cool stuff people are building on the SoundCloud API and our widgets. Here’s one project that we’d like to highlight, it’s a mixtape site called QC Mixtapes and they have a feature built on SoundCloud called the Mixcloud. Here you can browse mixes from different genres in a really smooth way. If you’re a DJ and you’re reading this you can easily submit your mix to the site by sending a message to QC Mixtapes on SoundCloud with a link to your mix on SoundCloud.
Here we are browsing the ‘funk’ genre:


Here’s the single page for a mix:


They’ve also built a Facebook app, so you can share mixes you like there.


All in all, great stuff!