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SoundCloud SoundRain Lets You Sell Your Tracks

Wondering how you can sell your tracks easier? Well, wonder no more! Created eight days ago at Music Hack Day in San Francisco, Minno founders and former Google employees Noah Ready-Campbell and Calvin Young integrated Minno (the easy-to-use micropayment system) with our API and created SoundRain! Now, you can sell your tracks anywhere across the web, directly in your browser, using SoundCloud and SoundRain!

All you need to do is connect your account with SoundRain and select any tracks you wish to sell for a payment of 99cents per download. Once a track is enabled for purchase, a “Buy with Minno” button will appear on the waveform player and take the listener directly to SoundRain, where they can buy the song in one click.

To get a better idea of how to connect, watch the screencast below:

Once you’ve sold $10 worth of tracks, SoundRain will send payment via PayPal and continue to do so every $10 increments – you will also have the option to change this to larger installments if you want!

And see a live example of how SoundRain works below! New York-based SoundClouder of the Day alumni, Cyra Morgan connected her account! Check out the buy link on the widget below by clicking the little arrow on the right side of the player:

Beautiful Madness by cyramorgan

Nice, huh? Now, go on and connect your account here to start selling your tracks!