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David Music Hack Day, Music And Bits & Amsterdam? FTW!

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If you’re into hacking, music and Amsterdam, this one’s for you. Our friends Edial & Roel who just recently relocated to Berlin are co-organizing the Music & Bits conference in Amsterdam on Wednesday, October 21st. Pre-conference to the Amsterdam Dance Event, Music & Bits is merging music & technology and will also be the forum for the next Music Hack Day.

The program looks great and the list of speakers that will participate in both the conference and the Music Hack Day sounds exciting: Anthony of the Hype Machine, Matthew from Last.fm, Brian from The Echo Nest, Andie from RjDj and Dave & Eric from team SoundCloud will be joined by hackers from all across Europe to prototype awesome new projects on top of the companies API’s in just one day.

The event is free, if you haven’t registered yet and want to do so, click here.