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David Developers, win a trip to Stockholm for Music Hack Day!

Music Hack Day really is turning into a global phenomenon. Only a month after the last hack day in Boston, we’re gearing up for the next pan-European hop. This time we’re going to Stockholm, home of the next Music Hack Day on January 29-31.

The first Swedish Hack Day is organized by our good friend Henrik Berggren and the fine folks at Doberman.se who are kindly providing the location for the hacking.

Since about half of the SoundCloud team is Swedish, we will be present with full force and join a list of great companies that have already confirmed their participation. So if you’re a hacker who loves music, come and spend a winter weekend with us in lovely Stockholm and hack the night away and get to meet the developers behind Last.fm, Spotify, The Echo Nest, Playdar, Bambuser, Sonos, RjDj or Songkick.

Here’s the coolest: we want to fly you to Stockholm to hack with us. Submit your idea below and we will select the one that rocks most.

Registration is free and read all the details about schedule & location here.

By the way, if you can’t make it to Stockholm but have a great idea too, check out our new developer pages we just launched.

Hope to see you all in Stockholm next year!

Photo of Henrik courtesy by David Kjelkerud.

David The @CitySoundsFM iPhone App Unleashed

Remember the summer when Citysounds.fm was born during the first Music Hack Day in London? Only a month later, the Citysounds team released a first major update to the mashup before kicking off the work on the iPhone app during the Music Hack Day in Berlin in September.

CitySounds.fm - The music of cities

Today, just a few months later, they’re finally ready to release the much anticipated Citysounds iPhone app. Listen to the sounds of your favorite cities while you’re on the road. We’re so excited and we hope you’re to!

If you don’t know Citysounds yet, it’s one of the most popular applications built on top of the SoundCloud API and lets you stream the latest tracks uploaded to SoundCloud by cities around the world. Sitting in London’s tube, tune in to the hottest tracks from Los Angeles. On the bus in Berlin, discover the sounds of Rio de Janeiro – right from your iPhone.

Here’s what the app will let you do:

  • Browse and listen to tracks from the most active and popular cities in the world
  • Locate the city you’re in and listen to the most recent tracks
  • Give your phone a shake and instantly be transported to a random place

citysounds04Head over to Citysounds.fm/iphone and get the App Store link to start browsing the sounds of the cities.

Massive props to the fine Citysounds team for its hard work on both the web and iPhone applications. Oh, and the boys also shared some secrets with us about what’s planned for the next version:

Version 2will let you save your favorite cities, search & browse all cities around the world and it will support social features for easy sharing via Facebook and Twitter.

Oh, and while we’re at it: besides Citysounds, there are two other great applications to browse and discover music on SoundCloud: Tracks On A Map and The Cloud Player – both are also built on top of our API.


David Music Hack Day, Music And Bits & Amsterdam? FTW!

headertest.jpg (JPEG Image, 894x197 pixels)

If you’re into hacking, music and Amsterdam, this one’s for you. Our friends Edial & Roel who just recently relocated to Berlin are co-organizing the Music & Bits conference in Amsterdam on Wednesday, October 21st. Pre-conference to the Amsterdam Dance Event, Music & Bits is merging music & technology and will also be the forum for the next Music Hack Day.

The program looks great and the list of speakers that will participate in both the conference and the Music Hack Day sounds exciting: Anthony of the Hype Machine, Matthew from Last.fm, Brian from The Echo Nest, Andie from RjDj and Dave & Eric from team SoundCloud will be joined by hackers from all across Europe to prototype awesome new projects on top of the companies API’s in just one day.

The event is free, if you haven’t registered yet and want to do so, click here.