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David Announcing a PHP wrapper for the SoundCloud API

As you’ve probably noticed, our wrapper announcements come often these days. Today we’re adding a PHP wrapper written by Anton Lindqvist to the list of available libraries for the SoundCloud API. Here you’ll find the documentation.

PHP is a widely used scripting language and the addition of this wrapper will open up for SoundCloud integration in a wide range of web services.

Check the list of application ideas and start hacking right away – even if you’re not planning to attend the music hack day tonight at Radialsystem V in Berlin.

We encourage 3rd party developers to join our API group and follow @soundcloudapi on twitter to get updates and take part in the discussions!

David Yet another SoundCloud API wrapper – ActionScript (AS3)

Today we have yet a new API announcement – a universal SoundCloud API wrapper for Flash, Flex and AIR projects, written in ActionScript 3.0.

It’s written by Dorian Roy and here’s a quote from his blog:

This library enables your Flash or Flex projects to communicate with SoundCloud’s API to upload tracks, create playlists, edit user info and so on. It handles all the complicated OAuth authentication in the background so you only have to deal with a few simple methods.

Here you’ll find more info and a quick start tutorial for how to connect a Flash app to SoundCloud.

David Updated: Announcing Music Hack Day in Berlin

Mark your calendars and join us for a full weekend of hacking during the first German Music Hack Day on September 18/19/20 at Radialsystem V in Berlin.

In July, a group of more than 200 music techheads gathered at the Guardian offices in London for an overly successful first Music Hack Day. After a long night of coding, about 30 new websites, projects, instruments and software saw the light of the day – we’ve blogged about a bunch of them before: Citysounds.fm, the iPhone Music Visualiser and SoundDrop. Click here for more hacks from that night.

So now it’s time to get everyone together in one of the world’s most important cities for music: Berlin. We want hackers to code and music companies to showcase their API’s and products people can hack on and hopefully at the end of the weekend we’ll see a whole lot of new music awesomeness.

Confirmed partners so far: Ableton, De:Bug, Tape.tv and of course us.

The event is totally free and non-commercial and we would like to keep it this way. We’re still looking for companies interested to sponsor breakfast, lunch or dinner as well as soft drinks and some beer. If you’d like to contribute, please contact us. Any help is greatly appreciated and will ensure that every participant can attend at no charge. Here’s what’s open and what’s already covered:

Registration is free and is limited to 150 participants tops so please register early and let us know how you’d like to contribute. The venue will be open 24 hours and you can stay overnight and hack thru the night.

We’d like to thank the entire teams of all2gethernow, newthinking communications and Music Hack Day for all their help making this possible.

Photo credit: Radialsystem V