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SoundCloud Our new playlists make it easier than ever to discover what’s next in music

SoundCloud is home to the largest, most diverse music catalog on the planet with more than 200 million tracks from over 20 million creators.

While many of you love the thrill of sifting through SoundCloud to find your next favorite track, we’re always looking to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for, fast. After all, we know even tastemakers need a break sometimes.

Beginning today, alongside personalized weekly recos from “SoundCloud Weekly” and playlists like “Fresh Pressed,” we’re adding even more handcrafted playlists, curated by some of the leading names in music.

Check out some of our new additions

  • “The Feed” curates an artist’s likes, follows and reposts on SoundCloud. First up is hip-hop artist Juice WRLD’s SoundCloud stream.
  • “Noise and 808s” ft. the new, new beats from the loudest names in rap.
  • “The Morning Mourning Playlist” is for everyone who agrees: mornings suck.
  • “DTFunk” is your soundtrack for a freaky first date (whatever that means to you).
  • “Speed Bumps” brings you rapid electro from around the world.
  • “Drippin,” updated daily, is our handcrafted hip-hop playlist bringing you what’s new and hot in rap.

You come to SoundCloud for what’s new, now and next, and we’re dedicated to connecting you directly with the creators driving music culture worldwide. In fact, the full SoundCloud curation experience features nearly 1.7 million unique creators heard a week, compared to a few hundred thousand on other music services. That means more new music for you, and more opportunities for creators to connect with fans and grow their careers.

Meet your curators

So who’s behind your next favorite playlist? Our team of music industry VIPs include former Editor-in-Chief at Pitchfork, Mark Richardson, electronic music journalist and critic, Philip Sherburne, music journalists Sowmya Krishnamurthy and David Turner — and more. They’ll be your guides on the journey to discovery, using curation to tell the story of what’s happening in music communities on SoundCloud and consistently surfacing the newest and hottest tracks.

Find your community

In addition to playlists, today we’re introducing community profile pages. These pages work just like any other profile page on SoundCloud, and bring together music communities that are authentically SoundCloud.

Each community page will be home to our new handcrafted playlists that are most relevant to that community. It’s the place where music fans can interact directly with our curators and other music fans who share the same musical taste. Do you blast hip-hop hooks on repeat? Follow Hustle. Are you looking for lowkey vibes? You might be into Scenes. If you just can’t WAIT for the build to drop, maybe your thing is The Peak. Find your community below and join the conversation to stay up-to-date on new tracks, emerging creators and more.


The Peak RAW Shine Scenes Vs


AURAS Circuits Coded Vibrations Subs La Onda


Get playlisted

Are you also a creator? Unlike other platforms, our new handcrafted playlists bring emerging creators to the forefront and place them right alongside today’s global superstars. This means more opportunities for you to be heard and reach new fans.

And if you’re a SoundCloud Premier creator, keep an eye out for an email with details on our new playlist submission form launching today in beta. The form is currently only available to SoundCloud Premier creators, and will roll out to more creators in the future. Stay tuned.

Start listening

To dive into the new listening experience (available only in the U.S. right now), head to home on mobile or web, or visit one of our community pages and enjoy more of what’s next in music, first on SoundCloud.

SoundCloud SoundCloud Next Wave: An Inside Look at Berlin’s Diverse Techno Scene

“I think Berlin – why it’s such an amazing place – is the freedom, and so many people doing creative things, they come here to be creative, to meet other creative people, to bounce ideas off of people, to collaborate.” — Doc Sleep

The final SoundCloud Next Wave installment,“Room 4 Resistance,” premieres today – check it out below!

For the final episode of 2017, SoundCloud returns to its hometown of Berlin to highlight the women-led Room 4 Resistance, a collective of DJs, producers, music journalists, and promoters working to carve out a safe space for creative expression that’s free of judgement in the electronic scene. The collective honors the political legacies of house and techno–genres founded and nurtured by marginalized communities–through providing visibility for underrepresented artists by throwing parties inclusive of all races, genders and sexual orientations. “Room 4 Resistance to me is a place for anyone to come to be free, to experiment, to find community, to hear good music,” says Doc Sleep, a DJ and Room 4 Resistance resident.

Following core members of Room 4 Resistance — Roxymore, Nazira, LuzDoc Sleep and Yuko AsanumaSoundCloud Next Wave gives viewers an inside-look at Berlin’s diverse club culture and the artists challenging the electronic music scene’s homogenization. The episode culminates in the collective’s infamous monthly party, capturing the warmth, vibrancy and freedom thriving outside of the mainstream.

Room 4 Resistance’s impact extends beyond Berlin thanks in large part to the internet and platforms like SoundCloud, which the collective uses to share mixes and discover new artists. As Nazira states, “SoundCloud really helps with connecting all the puzzle pieces.”

With episodes covering local scenes emerging in London, (“Different Settings”), Brazil (“Visão”),  New York City (“Extended Mix”), Toronto (“Northern Stars”) and Los Angeles (“Degenerate Generation”), SoundCloud Next Wave highlights the exciting local creator communities being shaped, shared, and celebrated on SoundCloud everyday.

But the journey is far from over — stay tuned in 2018 for more cities and more emerging music scenes from around the globe.

SoundCloud The 2017 SoundCloud Playback

It’s that time of year when we take a look back at what’s happened in the world of creativity on SoundCloud over the last 12 months. From Grammy wins and Grammy nominations, to topping the charts, 2017 has been a big year for artists on SoundCloud.

We’ve amped up this year’s list for a total of 17 categories that touch every corner of the SoundCloud ecosystem, from hip-hop, pop, dance and rock, to what’s new, now and next in music culture. This year’s list celebrates the diverse creativity on the platform and within our community–everything from the buzziest tags in 2017 like ChillHop and Vaporwave, to the year’s most creative cities (welcome to the list Houston, Atlanta, Philadelphia and Seoul!).

Congrats to everyone on the list, and a huge thank you to the SoundCloud community for your continued creativity. We can’t wait to see what you create in 2018!

*The above information was compiled based on indicators and actions taken from across the SoundCloud community including streams, likes, reposts, shares and location.