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SoundCloud SoundCloud Local: Newcastle upon Tyne

Picture taken by penzo07, found on Flickr

As part of our new community series SoundCloud Local, this week we checked out the unsuspecting city of Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK! Not only were we in this city for the Music Futures event run by Generator, but we were also checking out the diverse range of SoundCloud users here. And, we’re inviting you to listen to the talent of each one below!

Stephen Patterson (aka Stig) is an experienced and generous producer/musician. We asked him how he felt about SoundCloud: “It’s exactly what I was looking for. A place to share my work for free, exactly where people can get at it […] I think every musician should be on here. A clean, modern, easy to use site with an emphasis on original material. ” Thanks, Stephen!



Rising out of the “waste lands of Northern England”, SDF is an avant-pop/noise-disco/cyber-funk/eletro-folk band (phew!) that wants to get you dancing like never before! These guys just got the party started and are serious about keeping it going! Don’t believe it? Hear proof below!


Middle Children
Middle Children describe themselves as electronic rock. The four guys that make up Middle Children have a long list of influences, which you can check out on their SoundCloud page (linked below, of course). If you just want to know what the band sounds like though, have a listen to their latest EP below!


Cerebral Scars
The creator behind Cerebral Scars likes to draw and make this dark, eerie electro (which can be heard below)! From what we can tell, he spends most of his time being a producer and illustrator based out of Newcastle. Hear some of the sounds he’s created below!


Coney Island Sound
At the beginning of the month, Coney Island Sound was one of our SoundClouders of the Day! Coney Island Sound is actually the musical project of Ewan Gordon. He creates his music with field recordings and vintage instruments. You can have a listen to what this sounds like exactly below!


If you’re a user based in Newcastle upon Tyne, don’t be sad if we missed you! Instead, unite together in the SoundCloud Local Newcastle (UK) group and submit your tracks! Also, we suggest you keep an eye on Meetup.com!

Looking for some more music from Newcastle, UK? Check out citysounds.fm/newcastle!

Keep your eyes peeled for next week’s SoundCloud Local city. We might be coming to a city near you!