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SoundCloud World Radio Day

Happy World Radio Day! Sponsored by UNESCO, WRD is an occasion to celebrate radio as a medium, and we’re super excited to be joining in the festivities that are going on all around the globe.

Hear UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon kick things off with his very personal message about the role that radio played in his young life: ‘Radio helped open my eyes and ears to the world.”

Radio’s evolved rapidly in the digital age: it continues to reach worldwide audiences and help people to stay informed, to connect with each other, to be entertained. And radio can also save lives: even in the most extreme circumstances, it often remains one of the few ways for people to stay in touch with the rest of the world, and for journalists to share important stories.

WRD is truly international. Check out this jingle from Lesotho:

This message from WRD spokesperson and UNESCO Artist for Peace, Danilo Perez:

Radiohead’s Colin Greenwood talking about children’s radio:

And go back in time with this vintage broadcast from Radio Prague:

That’s just a start: there’s so much more to hear. Follow World Radio Day to hear all of the truly amazing radio that UNESCO is sharing from all over the globe today, right in your stream.

SoundCloud SoundCloud Voices

Have you ever wanted to catch up on the news but found you don’t have the time? Here’s a solution: today, SoundCloud Voices welcomes the Guardian Audio Edition, meaning that you can catch up on the news and features from the paper in audio form.

Only a month old, the Guardian Audio Edition is a podcast that features a selection of articules from the newspaper and website, capped off with an audio book review. Topics range from Obama’s inaugural speech to hedgehogs to Kathryn Bigelow to the Smiths. Here’s the last few weeks’ for you to enjoy!

SoundCloud Voices is a weekly Community feature focusing on new spoken word creators found on SoundCloud. It might be a podcast, radio show, audio book, interview, audio messages, a poem, anything! Keep an eye out every Thursday for a new post. If you are interested in trying out SoundCloud as a spoken word podcast platform, you can sign up for via this form. Successful candidates will be emailed with further details.

David The Next SoundCloud Becomes SoundCloud

Thanks to your feedback through months of private beta, we’re thrilled to be making a big announcement: today, the Next SoundCloud becomes SoundCloud for everyone.

What you hear and see today is the direct result of your input: this is your SoundCloud. For creators of music & audio like you, it means that you’ll be heard everywhere. For your friends, fans and followers, the new SoundCloud will make discovering, connecting and sharing sounds even easier and more fun.

It’s much more than just a redesign. Not only does SoundCloud look completely different, it has many exciting new features for you:


Grow your audience by seeing your sounds shared across the community, or build a following around your excellent taste by reposting sounds into your own stream for others to discover.


Curate a collection with your own sounds or the sounds you love — it’s simple. Sets can be reposted and shared throughout the community, which will help you find new people to hear and share your sounds.

Continuous Play:

Hit play and continue exploring: keep listening while you discover even more music & audio. It’s seamless.

Search & Explore:

Find it, hear it: our improved search lets you find the music & audio you’re looking for. Not sure what you want? Explore lets you discover what’s new and hot.

And there’s more: the new SoundCloud is filled with tons of smaller details that we hope will make your experience better. You’ll see that we’ve improved timed comments and added keyboard shortcuts and a shuffle feature for the sounds you’ve liked. The new Activity tab keeps you informed about what’s happening around your music & audio in real time and a personalized ‘who to follow’ lists helps you find people like you.

This is only the beginning: in the coming weeks, we’ll be working on all areas of the web and mobile apps so that you can enjoy SoundCloud as a cross-platform experience.

On that note, we want to thank you not only for your help during the beta, but for making SoundCloud what it is: a fantastic community of sound creators and lovers where positive spirit, mutual respect and support has made this community one that you can all be proud of. Thank you. Stay awesome!

As always, we love your feedback: leave a comment to tell us what you like most about the new SoundCloud.