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Eric SoundCloud gets Twitter Integration

It’s about time: SoundCloud now has super-smooth Twitter integration. It means that SoundCloud can now automatically post a Tweet when you upload either a new track or set to SoundCloud! Simply go to your settings and connect your Twitter account with SoundCloud (No need to put in your Twitter password, since Twitter now has oAuth support!)…


… click “Allow” …


… and the next time you upload a tune SoundCloud will post this to your Twitter stream. Neat!


Eric Digital-Tunes Integrates With SoundCloud

Digital-TunesThis is very exciting news if you’re running a label for electronic music and want to sell your music on Digital-Tunes in a super-simple way.

Digital-Tunes is a really slick online store specializing in electronic music styles such as Dubstep, Minimal and Drum and Bass. As a label you can directly upload your releases for sale on the platform. And as of today, things got a whole lot easier as you can now import releases directly from SoundCloud to the shop with the click of a button. This means you can upload your releases to SoundCloud and, say, share them privately to DJ:s you respect or put the widget on your label page, and at the same time sell them on Digital-Tunes with almost no extra work. Simply enter your label and payment details over at Digital-Tunes and use the Import from SoundCloud feature to bring your tracks over. When they are approved by Digital-Tunes the Buy-link on SoundCloud even updates automatically to point to Digital-Tunes. Here’s a 2-minute screencast that shows you exactly how to do it:

SoundCloud: Digital-Tunes Shop Integration from SoundCloud on Vimeo.