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Alex On SoundCloud turns one


It’s been a year since we launched On SoundCloud, our partnership program that allows SoundCloud creators to make money from their work on the platform, in the US. And what a year it’s been.

What started as a select group of 20 partners representing 2,000 labels has grown to over 600 representing over 25,000 labels, many of them independent.

In our first year, we’ve paired brands like Jaguar, Sonos, Microsoft, Taco Bell, Asics and Axe with SoundCloud creators like Sizzlebird, ILoveMakonnen, Metro Boomin, Viceroy and Big Data. These partnerships have helped artists highlight tracks in playlists and bring new music to life – while getting paid in the process. We’ve also directly signed many emerging artists to the program, each with their own story about why they’re On SoundCloud. You can learn more about some of them below.

As we continue to roll out On SoundCloud into its second year, our ambition remains fundamentally the same as when we launched the company in 2008; to provide the tools and platform for creators to build and discover new audiences, but now with ability to be paid for the work they produce. We’re under no illusions as to how much there is left to do, including finding solutions around sampling and remixing while continuing to uphold and respect individual copyright. Our community is our platform and we take your feedback extremely seriously. With your continued support, we believe we’re on the road to achieving something very special.

And for those reasons, we’d like to say thank you. Thank you for creating and thank you for listening. In the meantime, we’re busy working on some new developments that will make On SoundCloud even more creator-friendly and open. Here’s to another remarkable year.


Toni Romiti’s On SoundCloud to grow.Toni Romiti

Toni Romiti sees On SoundCloud as a way to expand her career and reach a massive audience.

“Soundcloud has given me a place to upload and share my music with thousands of people. Soundcloud has helped change my life.

I love being an On SoundCloud artist. Knowing that I can be a part of something so special makes me feel special as well.”

Sizzlebird’s On SoundCloud to evolve. Sizzlebird

For Sizzlebird, being On SoundCloud means added closeness to the platform, which has provided opportunities to reach new audiences and grow, both in terms of work and career.

“It was a very exciting to get the chance to work with Jaguar on an ad-based campaign, a very fluid process which included the chance to have an artwork created by the SoundCloud artist in residence. It was a really fun experience and an amazing opportunity to continue my passion for music.”

Kali Uchis is On SoundCloud to share.Kali Uchis

On SoundCloud artist Kali Uchis uses the platform to quickly share new music with receptive, interested audiences.

“Whenever I share my music through social media, I share it directly from SoundCloud. It’s just the easiest. They make it really simple to spread good music to other people who share the same tastes as you. I think it really helped other people to discover my songs.”

SoundCloud Meet On SoundCloud Premier Partner Korey Coleman

Meet On SoundCloud Premier Partner Korey Coleman a podcaster who does a wide variety of weekly podcasts such as The Weekly Roast and Toast, The Casual Call In Show and  The Sunday Service all focussed on TV, films and all things entertainment!


Please Introduce yourself to the SoundCloud community.

Currently I live in Austin, TX, where I have a background in animation and illustration. I began getting into broadcasting when I did a cable access show that allowed me to indulge in my favorite pastime for free – watching movies. I produced a movie review program with a corny name called ‘The Reel Deal’ for ten years. Before quitting I animated some of our reviews, which led to me being hired by a company in New York to create the website Spill.com. When that ended, I launched a Kickstarter campaign due to the demand of our fan base. Now I run DoubleToasted.com, a website featuring live streaming video shows centered on humorous pop culture commentary. Soundcloud was the first resource we used to upload content.

How do you use SoundCloud?

On DoubleToasted.com, we have three ways of delivering our content – a subscription based model for live video streaming, paid access to archived videos, and free archived audio. Soundcloud was actually the first and best way to show our audience we were still going after Spill.com shut down. Soundcloud Pro paid for itself in one month, especially with the unlimited number of uploads it gave us. This immediately allowed us to build a library of our recordings in one place for our our regular followers while gaining exposure for new followers. Once DoubleToasted.com was built, the Soundcloud API allowed for the player to be implemented easily into our customization. This was done while also retaining the benefits of the Soundcloud Partnership Program. This gives us exposure on both our site and on Soundcloud.

Describe your creative process. What is your set up like?

We live stream our programs several days a week for paid subscribers. Once the live stream is done I begin the process of rendering video into the necessary formats we need and uploading them to our servers. While this is happening I also create an audio only format that we provide to our listeners for free.

Describe how you reached certain goals or steps in your career.

I’ve always found that reaching my goals happened through being productive. I simply just like to create, and not always for money. I like to see ideas become reality. If people see you have passion and more importantly, see things through to completion, they will either want to sincerely encourage you or be a part of what you’e creating. Of course, the feedback from our audience is a great motivator. Knowing you’re reaching people all over the world and they become upset when you don’t provide them with something you’ve created is both exciting and humbling.

What does it feel like to become a Premier Partner? Where do you want to take your career next?

The Premiere Partnership program has been great! Yes, it provides us with another source of income, but it really does make what you do feel legit. It’s an acknowledgement that someone recognizes you and finds worth in what you do. It’s flattering, but It also makes me look even closer at what we do. What works, what doesn’t work, and how I can always improve. We’re still in our infancy. Not even a year old as of writing this, but It’s definitely making me look more seriously at how we can evolve. I’ve had fun playing with the video component of our business. Now I’m looking forward to seeing how we expand the way we offer audio. Soundcloud is definitely affording us that opportunity.

Who or what is inspiring you creatively? Are there people that you’d like to collaborate or work with?

I find myself inspired by the independence I have with my own business while having immediate access and interactivity with our audience. It’s like have your own personal TV show, comedy club, and concert all in one. Except here we call all the shots. Although we maintain a format there’s time limit, no censors, and restrictions on our creative process. We can try anything at anytime. We take advantage of the technology that’s out there to make our audience part of the show. Live chat, Skype, Google phone calls. The fact that we are so transparent makes the audience encourage our experimentation.

Hear the latest podcast from Korey here:

SoundCloud Meet On SoundCloud Premier Partner Star Talk Radio’s Jeff Simons

On SoundCloud premier partner Star Talk Radio is a podcast and radio show hosted by the brilliant Neil deGrasse Tyson, the American astrophysicist, cosmologist and author. Star Talk is a radio show where science meets comedy and pop. Neil and his guests talk astronomy, physics and anything else related to the universe! Today we have an interview with their Social Media Director, who runs the SoundCloud account – Jeff Simons.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 13.53.25

Introduce yourself to the SoundCloud community.

I’m the Social Media Director for StarTalk Radio, a podcast, radio show and, starting on April 20, 2015 a weekly late night talk show hosted by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. It’s the best job in the world – and that’s coming from someone who worked at Marvel Entertainment back in the days when that was saying something! One reason working with StarTalk is so great is because our community – wherever it lives, on SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook, etc. – is really interested in science. They are not only intelligent, respectful of our brand and each other, but they also let us know what they like and don’t like. It’s a social media director’s dream. Plus I get to work with Neil deGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and our great guests and comic co-hosts like Eugene Mirman, Chuck Nice and Leighann Lord.

How do you use SoundCloud?

We use SoundCloud as our main podcast hosting platform. We have SoundCloud players on all of our episode pages, plus the home page of our website, www.startalkradio.net. When we post our new episodes or our shorter, appetite-whetting teasers, we use the native SoundCloud link to let mobile users enjoy the benefit of listening to us while still cruising around SoundCloud. SoundCloud is our RSS feed, so everything we post on all of our partners like iTunes and our website starts with SoundCloud. We’re really just starting to increase our engagement with other SoundCloud users and properties, partially because we’re a small organization with manpower challenges. But our volunteers Sam and Rob who work with our SoundCloud account have made more sharing and more engaging a priority, so expect to see more of that in the future. We use playlists, of course, and intend to add more moving forward. We use our stats to improve content offerings and monitor our channel performance… and can’t wait for the statistics functionality to continue to improve. Finally, SoundCloud musicians frequently offer their music to us to be used on the show, and we are working towards opening this opportunity up to more of the SoundCloud creative community.

Describe your creative process. What is your set up like?

When I joined the StarTalk team a few years ago, we weren’t really engaging with our community. Neil was a great tweeter, of course, but the show itself wasn’t communicating with our fans. So we took a cue from Neil, who, if you’ve ever seen some of the videos on YouTube or seen him in person, treats everyone he meets with respect and consideration. So we do the same with our community. And we’ve been repaid by the community with respect and consideration in return. Another lesson of Neil’s we’ve tried to stick to is to make sure that what we’re putting out on social media delivers real value to our fans and isn’t merely self-serving. We may not succeed at that 100% of the time, but it is our #1 goal.

What does it feel like to become a Premier Partner? Where do you want to take your career next?

We’ve been a SoundCloud partner for a while now. It’s been a great experience being able to provide feedback that matters to a great group of people who are building something valuable and unique. Like any technology project, there are going to be glitches and growing pains. But our contacts at SoundCloud listen, and they care, and that is the core of any meaningful and successful partnership. We look forward to being an important part of SoundCloud’s promising future.

Who or what is inspiring you creatively? Are there people that you’d like to collaborate or work with?

The universe, and everything in it, is our inspiration. These are exciting times for science, from the exploration of space to the discovery of the Higgs boson. They are challenging times too, with plenty of resistance by science deniers towards everything from climate change to evolution to the value of vaccines. So there’s never a lack of material to be explored. Our unique formula of blending science with comedy and celebrities has allowed us to have guests from outside the world of science, like Joe Rogan, Jon Stewart, Seth MacFarlane, Bill Maher and Nichelle Nichols. But we’ve also gotten to interview science and technology leaders like Dr. Carolyn Porco, Elon Musk, Richard Dawkins, Peter Diamandis and more. Are there people we haven’t worked with yet that we’d like to? How much time do you have for me to list them?

Feel free to talk about anything else (seriously, we’re all ears)

We can’t wait until SoundCloud takes podcasts out of the corner, lifts them proudly over their head, and… oh, wait, am I confusing this with Dirty Dancing? Seriously, though, SoundCloud originally came to us because they were interested in bringing more science and more podcasts into the spotlight – and they’ve helped us grow into a leading podcast. Whatever we can do to help grow the category, and bring more and more people into the growing conversation about science and science literacy, the better the future will be for all of us.

Take a listen to their latest episodes here:

For more information on our creator partner program On SoundCloud, head over to on.soundcloud.com. To read more interviews from On SoundCloud Premier Partners, click here.