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David Thank you all

Thank you for a fantastic release party everyone. We had a great time, hope you did too. We want to grab this opportunity to also thank some people that made this celebration possible.

In the early evening, Swedish new jazz wave musicians Nils Berg (Sax, Flute), Josef Kallerdahl (Bass) and Sebastian Voegler (Drums) played two dirty jazz noir sets that some say was the highlight of the whole evening. Thanks for starting the night with such beautiful music.

In the middle of all the stress we forgot to mention one of the DJ’s that were playing in the evening so let’s correct that error. Fredrik Nyberg aka NIBC played tunes that made all the people outside both warm and in dance mode. Thank you Fredrik! A lot of people were also asking about the food and I’m very to happy to be able to present our caterer and star chef, Shannon Campbell. We are glad you liked his food and so is he.

Tanja & Björn over at PICKNICK also deserve a huge thanks. I can definitely say that your club now lies even closer to our hearts.

And our secret guest and old friend Snax did absolutely not let us down. Two songs was all that was needed to understand this mans brilliance. Check the photos below and you’ll see what we mean. Also check this video from our pre-release rooftop party.

Last but not least, our intern Johan Uhle made all the difference in organizing this monster. Nothing had worked without you and we wish you good luck on the tour with The Golden Pony Boy.

And to finish off, here are some pictures from the party. Photographer Tony Dahlgren

Nils Berg 3

Clouds and Crowds

Outside area

Johan in a good mood

Claudia and Stef

Ted and Martina

Hannes relaxing with no less than 3 beers after a marathon coding session

Sushu with SC branded phone

Cloud on sleeve

Alex with his new jacket

Cloud on back

DJ Humus working the decks

Raving crowd

Eric and Alex trying to stay cool


Snax is back!

X-berg girls

Olof & Anders

Tanja and Katharina

The Subliminal Kid and Van Rivers

The end

See you at our next party!

David #1 DJ Humus

Since we are all about moving music, our party on the 10:th of October is all about music that moves you. Therefore we have put together an extensive line up of DJ’s and artists for the evening. And to give you the possibility to get to know them a bit better we want to tell you a little bit about each artist each day until the party, starting today. First out is:

DJ Humus (Half Off, Berlin)

Currently Humus is the resident of Berlin House club Tape under his real name Elie Eidelman. The NYC born and Israeli raised DJ has been playing for over 15 years around the globe bringing his unique blend and attitude to the dance floor.

Humus started spinning his way through the local dance-floors in the early 90’s, with strong influence from punk rock and the new European rave scene. In 1997 he co-founded the collective “100 meters beneath the ground”, a group of musicians and promoters that organized the largest underground raves in the middle east.

He moved to Tel Aviv in 1998 and quickly was absorbed into the city’s notorious nightlife, during it’s most flourishing years of peace, where he spun, promoted, booked and did PR and music/artistic consultant to leading clubs, lines, events, magazines and various projects.

Humus is starting out on the main floor inside to give us a great beginning of the night. Here is a recent mix from him aswell:

Eric Fat Countdown!? Big Day Coming Up!

Have you noticed the big, fat countdown on the front page? Wondering why it’s there? And what happens when it reaches 0 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes and 0 seconds?

Well, the answer is… we’re opening up!

Yes, you heard right, SoundCloud will go public next Friday night when the clock strikes midnight. This means that your public tracks will be accessible from the outside world and that your friends will be able to sign up for an account without an invite!

And of course there will be a party. With some great music. We’ll announce the artists one by one on this blog starting tomorrow. Please do let us know if you want to come. We’re so much looking forward to dance with you guys.

Along with the countdown, we’ve expanded our tour page with a little video showing what the cloud is capable of these days. We got some serious help with the voiceover by Berlin-based house connoisseur and DJ, Michelle Owen. And the backing music is by no less than Trickski. Check the fab result right here:

To all our beta testers we just want to say: We. Love. You. The feedback you’ve shared with us has been invaluable. And you’re the ones making it so great to hang out in the cloud.

Again, big, Big, BIG thanks. Now let’s take SoundCloud to the next level.