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David SoundCloud gets full WordPress.com integration

SoundCloud has been steadily growing popularity within the musical blogosphere. As well as our DropBox feature, which allows music bloggers to easily receive demos & promos, we’ve noticed more and more people using SoundCloud to embed music into their posts. So we’ve been working hard to make this easier and easier for bloggers.

Today’s ‘YAY!’-moment is triggered by the excitement to finally be able to announce the the full WordPress.com integration. It is now super-easy to share SoundCloud tracks & sets blogs hosted on WordPress.com. Here’s the run-down of how that works.

If you look at the “Share” option of a track, set or group, you’ll see that we’ve added WordPress to the list of services we support.

Bild 1

Click on “WordPress” and you’ll be able to copy the shortcode to your clipboard and simply add it to the edit field of your blog:

WordPress Shortcode

This simple shortcode line in your Edit field…


… will turn into the good-looking SoundCloud player you all know:

SoundCloud Player

We think that’s pretty nifty, don’t you think? Oh and by the way: you can also customize the appearance of your the player and have it match the design of your blog. To do so, click on “customize your player” as seen in the first screenshot above.

Player customization

One more thing: if you run a self-hosted blog on WordPress, make sure to check out the updated version of the SoundCloud ShortCode Plugin over on WordPress Plugin Directory.

Huge thanks go out to Raanan over at WordPress.com for making this possible.

Update: Here’s the WordPress announcement. Great!

Update 2: And below, find a nice how-to video that just got posted over on WordPress.tv:

SoundCloud SoundCloud player in forums (5-step guide for SoundCloud BB code)

Forums have always been great places for fans and producers to congregate and talk about the music they love. Whether it’s forums about specific genres, production tips or music software there are a lot of thriving communities out there. And SoundCloud is all about moving your music to where you really need it; to all the places where you want to discuss, share and play it. So here’s a short 5-step guide to show you how to allow SoundCloud tracks to be directly embedded into forum posts. It takes two minutes.

Note, to do this you’ll need to have administrative rights of the forum. If you’re just a user then you might want to send your admins a link to this post and ask nicely!

1) Go to your Admin Control Panel, then click on ‘Add New BB code‘ option under ‘Custom BB Codes‘.

2) Enter the following info into the form fields:

Title: SoundCloud

BB Code Description: Share a track or playlist you found on SoundCloud

BB Code Tag Name: soundcloud

Use Option in tag?: No

Prevent other BB Codes from running?: Yes

Replacement: <iframe width=”600″ height=”450″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”no” src=”https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url={content} &amp;auto_play=false&amp;visual=true”></iframe>

Some implementations might use {param} instead of {content} – refer to your documentation if you’re unsure.!

Dialogue text: Share a track or playlist you found on SoundCloud – simply paste the track or playlist URL.!

BBCode Example: !

Description:Embed the tracks from SoundCloud into your post. Use the track URL in your browser. For example, for http://soundcloud.com/forss/speech-craft-no-sleep-til-dawn-remix-by-forss it would be: 

3) Include a Button Image. (Note: this is optional but you should upload that image to your own server and host it from there: http://bit.ly/tV7mm).

4) Here’s the how it should all look:

BBCode visual


5) Now, click ‘Save‘ and that’s it! Your users will have a SoundCloud button in their post forms now. They simply click on the cloud button and paste their track URL address.

vBulletin Demo - Reply to Topic

P.S. If you’re a forum software developer yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us at api@soundcloud.com or SoundCloud Google Group. There is potential for more advanced forum integration with SoundCloud.

Eric Introducing Javascript-based SoundCloud players

We’ve seen a lot of sites and projects using the SoundCloud API in the last few weeks, and of course we’re super-excited about this! One thing we’ve noticed is that a few of these projects have used Javascript-based players to play back the audio. Check for example the slick and minimalistic player on electronica label Pluxemburg’s new site, or the player on the innovative crowd-sourced site Listen to Blogs. They both use their own Javascript-based players powered by the SoundCloud API. This is a nice technique (that we’re also using ourselves on soundcloud.com) since it gives you full control over the look’n’feel and also enables tight integration with the rest of the site.

Realising that using Javascript to build music players for your SoundCloud-powered sites is becoming increasingly popular, we decided to share some of our knowledge in this area. So without further ado we’d like to announce the open-source SoundCloud Javascript-based player! It’s a simple, extensible, great-looking player based on SoundManager 2 and jQuery. It takes the shape of a customizable jQuery plugin, that let’s you create a player with one line of javascript, for any link to a SoundCloud-track on your page. Simply put this in your HTML:

<a class="soundcloud-player" href="http://soundcloud.com/forss/flickermood">Play</a>

And put this in your javascript:


And voilà, you have a player on your page!
Check it out and view live examples here.