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David Community Fellowship: Organic City Sounds by Evan Tenenbaum

After posting an update from our other Fellows, today we’re also thrilled to be welcoming a fifth Community Fellow to the program. Everybody, please say Hi to Evan Tenenbaum from Portland, Oregon.

Who am I?

My name is Evan Tenenbaum, and I love sound.

I am very proud to be a SoundCloud Community Fellow, and I’m quite excited to share my passion for audio with the world. I recently graduated from a small liberal arts college here in Portland, Oregon. Since then I’ve been ‘following my bliss’ (as a recent interviewee so aptly put it), and I think I’ve found that bliss here amongst these other amazing projects.

For the past year, I’ve been working at a community radio station in Portland, as well as producing freelance pieces for various radio organizations.

I was raised with a love of radio, and have always been drawn to telling stories in sound. I feel most fulfilled when I manage to capture a sliver of the human experience in audio.

I crave those moments of listening that cause your neck-hair to stand up on end.

About my Project:

Through Organic City Sounds, I hope to portray an honest and colorful portrait of this city I call home. With a city motto of “Keep Portland Weird!”, our town is full of great characters and stories.

Every week I’ll bring you an audio portrait of Portland. It may be a personal story, a collection of interviews on a subject, or a piece of sound art. You can expect to hear an eclectic collection of voices, sounds, and stories throughout my project. Some may intrigue you, others may repulse you, but hopefully they will all give you a sense of my little corner of the world.

Get involved!

Is your city weird too? Probably! I’d love to hear other portraits from around the world. Whether it’s a great story, a colorful person, or a growing trend, if you have an audio portrait you’d like featured on the site, just shoot me an email, or upload some audio straight to my DropBox! Also, be sure to follow my on twitter @PDXCitySounds.

You can check out my first Portland Portrait here. Thanks to this man, as of today I’ve quit my day job to follow my dreams:

Portland Portrait #1 by Organic City Sounds

And here are some Raw Sounds from Portland:

First Portland Portrait: Dreaming in the City of Roses

Second Portland Portrait: Food Cart Culture

Meet the other Fellows:

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Eduardo Lipe and the Without Walls Project

SoundCloud SoundCloud Local: Portland

Photo taken by StuSeeger, found on Flickr

This SoundCloud Local we stopped by a west coast city in the US called Portland! This city has a great deal of talented and diverse SoundCloud users based there. We had a look at five below!

Negutyv Xeiro
Feel like listening to some intense electronic music that will make you move your head – and body? Produced by a very passionate guy living in Portland, Negutyv Xeiro, was originally born in St Louis and developed his musical skills in Chicago. Even though these tracks are works in progress, they’re impressive!


Joel Hunger
Joel Hunger has been playing, composing and recording music for a while now. For about a year and a half, he’s been focusing his energy on creating music for royalty free use, and since then has created nearly a hundred tracks. Currently everything you hear is available for sale for royalty free use on sites.


Saffron Slumber
Saffron Slumber is the solo ambient project of Kevin Stephens. He’s based in Portland, Oregon, and has been uploading to SoundCloud regularly. His music can be described as experimental and drone-like, but you can hear for yourself below and check out more of his music at the link.


Natasha Kmeto
Natasha Kmeto is a singer/producer making music that is somewhere between left-field hip-hop, modern R & B and experimental electronic music. She’s been on the upswing since the release of her latest album Expressor. You can hear some of her sultry tracks below!


Beyoung Yu likes to be honest in real life and in the musical world. As he quotes on his myspace page: “…don’t like it when people […] make music that doesn’t represent them”. He’s influenced by Living Legendz (Murs, Eligh and Grouch), Zion I, Danger Doom, Gemini, Guru, Jurasic 5 and much much more.


Looking for more talent from Portland? Check out citysounds.fm/portland

If you’re in Portland, join the SoundCloud Local group and submit your tracks. We wanna hear ’em!

Yesterday, Global Meetup Day happened! Hope everyone in Portland had fun! If you missed the meetup in your area, no need to fear, another will be happening soon! Check back on Meetup.com to see what’s happening.

Also, check out all our SoundCloud Local features to see if your area has already been featured.