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SoundCloud SoundCloud Local: Prague

Photo by fklv (Obsolete Hipster), found on Flickr

Hello, number twelve! You’re looking very nice with your beautiful architecture, and the sounds we’re hearing from your talented SoundCloud users are impressive. This week, we’re looking at you — Prague, Czech Republic.

A Horse Called Horse
A collaborative project between a horse called Paul Sloman and a moose named UKinEK is better known as A Horse Called Horse. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? You can head on over to their SoundCloud page below and check out their tracks (most are available as free downloads too)!


Pavel Kopecky
Pavel Kopecky has played the piano since the age of 8 and the cello since the age of 10. He studied music for a good majority of his life and is now employed as a pedagogue in the Department of Music and Sound at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, where he creates beautiful compositions.


Michal Staša is a Prague-based producer/musician who’s also a programmer/web-coder! He graduated high school at an early age and quickly went on to study computer science while working on his music on the side. Now, he’s also a successful producer. You can hear the stuff he has produced below.


Transport Puzzle
Peter Stehlik is a sound artist/musician from Slovakia, but based in Prague, working on a solo project he likes to call, Transport Puzzle. His specialty is making long, live tracks and uploading them to his SoundCloud page. You can hear his album, Courage For The Years Of Wandering, below.


Sundays on Clarendon Road
Two young guys who admire the suburbs and the hidden landscapes that lie around them decided to get together and portray this admiration by playing guitar, using electronic instruments and of course, singing. You can listen to what this admiration sounds like below!


Looking for some more music from Prague? Check out citysounds.fm/prague!

To all the other SoundCloud users in Prague, please join the SoundCloud Local: Prague group and submit your tracks! Also, there’s a chance for you to meet up with one another for Global Meetup Day on February 9th! Show your interest here.

If you aren’t in Prague and want to attend/start/organize a SoundCloud meetup in your area for February 9th, check out the post here for more details! Also, take a look at the SoundCloud Local tag to see if your city has been featured yet.