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David The @CitySoundsFM iPhone App Unleashed

Remember the summer when Citysounds.fm was born during the first Music Hack Day in London? Only a month later, the Citysounds team released a first major update to the mashup before kicking off the work on the iPhone app during the Music Hack Day in Berlin in September.

CitySounds.fm - The music of cities

Today, just a few months later, they’re finally ready to release the much anticipated Citysounds iPhone app. Listen to the sounds of your favorite cities while you’re on the road. We’re so excited and we hope you’re to!

If you don’t know Citysounds yet, it’s one of the most popular applications built on top of the SoundCloud API and lets you stream the latest tracks uploaded to SoundCloud by cities around the world. Sitting in London’s tube, tune in to the hottest tracks from Los Angeles. On the bus in Berlin, discover the sounds of Rio de Janeiro – right from your iPhone.

Here’s what the app will let you do:

  • Browse and listen to tracks from the most active and popular cities in the world
  • Locate the city you’re in and listen to the most recent tracks
  • Give your phone a shake and instantly be transported to a random place

citysounds04Head over to Citysounds.fm/iphone and get the App Store link to start browsing the sounds of the cities.

Massive props to the fine Citysounds team for its hard work on both the web and iPhone applications. Oh, and the boys also shared some secrets with us about what’s planned for the next version:

Version 2will let you save your favorite cities, search & browse all cities around the world and it will support social features for easy sharing via Facebook and Twitter.

Oh, and while we’re at it: besides Citysounds, there are two other great applications to browse and discover music on SoundCloud: Tracks On A Map and The Cloud Player – both are also built on top of our API.


David Announcing a Cocoa Streaming Library

It’s time for yet an announcement for all you API lovers out there; a library making it really easy to implement SoundCloud streaming in your Cocoa apps. It’s built specially for the iPhone SDK 3.+ but should work for desktop Mac apps as well.

The library is a vital part of the SoundCloud iPhone app and will be used in the upcoming CitySound iPhone app as well. It’s written by Ullrich Schäfer and open source under the Apache License version 2.0.

CitySounds iPhone

To sum up, this library…

  • makes it easy to implement the non trivial task of streaming audio in Cocoa apps
  • nicely integrates with the existing Cocoa wrapper for the SoundCloud API
  • supports streaming of public and OAuth protected tracks
  • fits in commercial apps as well as music hack day mashups etc.

Head over to github and check out the source code along with the demo application.

Feedback, questions, and suggestions are welcome in the SoundCloud API Google group!

David Yo Taylor, imma let you finish, but…


… we just want to say that SoundCloud just pushed the best release of all time. The best release of all time!

Friends of the Cloud, we’re happy to announce the release of Taylor, named after Taylor Swift, who had a fun encounter with *the* Kanye. This was big news for both Taylor and Kanye and it’s major news for SoundCloud as it’s our biggest update ever.

We’ll be posting an ongoing series of blog posts with details about each new feature in the next few days and here’s a quick overview of what’s happening today. Click the links below to discover more on our fresh new product pages.

Two new player widgets: the Artwork and Mini player. Here’s the Artwork player with the Crooked Vultures song New Fang. Sexy, isn’t it – perfect for your album pre-releases.

Easier private sharing with the Secret Link: share a private url via email and IM

Stats-o-rama: completely revamped stats. Be in the know about the who, what, when, which and wheres around your tracks.

Bringing back the original metric of music: total minutes. SoundCloud becomes your tape in the cloud. Erase & rewind, upload & remove as many tracks as you want within your total amount of minutes. Click here to learn about the different minute packs.

Extended privacy options: disable comments, hide stats and make comments private.

Housekeeping: all PRO accounts are now known as Premium accounts. Check out the full lowdown.

Introducing the new Premium account called ‘Lite’, the perfect entry-level account that lets you dive straight into the premium features for only €29.

Cheaper Premium accounts: we just lowered the price of the yearly Solo, Pro and Pro Plus accounts (€79, €250, €500).

Scup and Cloudpost: two new little apps that let you upload straight from your desktop (note: both are beta).

Oh. One more thing: the iPhone app, it’s finally here. Get it in the app store for €0,79 or $0,99.

Cool? We think so too. Pretty much every new feature was developed based on the awesome feedback you have given us in the past months. We hope you like the new stuff we’ve been working on and please don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts in the comments.