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Jane Meet San Francisco SoundCloud Hero, Nicole Carter

Say hi to Nicole Carter of San Francisco, CA. Nicole is an East Coast native but has been living in San Francisco for a few years now. She has used SoundCloud in a variety of ways, like fielding questions from SF residents during the San Francisco mayoral election in October. Want to hear some sounds of San Francisco? Her recordings should be a great intro to the sounds of the city.

What do you do? How do you use SoundCloud in your life?
I’m a digital sales account manager in real life. I focus on clients in the gaming industry, and it is a lot of fun. I definitely get to “do research” and play the games!

I record a lot of everyday/random sounds, like the traffic, music and conversations I might hear as I walk down the street, or the sounds in a cafe. I also record sound clips of concerts and festivals I go to. Right now, I capture all of my sounds via the Android app.

What are your aspirations for the SoundCloud community in your city?
Fundamentally, I want to get SoundCloud users together to meet, and to become friends and collaborators. It’s all about creating an engaged community whose members can help and enjoy one another, not to mention share sound content with one another. And if we can introduce music and sound lovers to SoundCloud in order for them to have a platform to share and listen, that’s awesome too! There are so many ways we can establish this community in SF, and I’m looking forward to getting started.

What is your favorite place in the city and why?
I have really fond memories of trekking up to Corona Heights Park. There’s a great children’s museum up there that I used to volunteer at with a good friend. The view is spectacular, and Sutro Tower (which I love) is so close by. Otherwise, it’s hard to choose just one – I’ve had great times in many parts of the city!

What is your favorite sound and why?
Rain falling during autumn in the suburbs. The sounds remind me of the way the rain looks, smells and feels while looking out at it from my parent’s front porch. There also is a particular drum beat in a lot of electro/progressive/”dirty” house tracks that I love. I need to find out if that sound has an actual name, but it’s epic!

Where else can we find you on the web?
@_electroNic_ is my Twitter handle. I had also been dabbling in some WordPress & Tumblr action at one point, and I’ll let you know once I get those up and running again.

Anything else?
I feel strongly about electronic dance music, tea, and traveling. If you feel the same way, holler at me, and if you don’t, still holler – I’m sure we still have things in common! Overall, I’m super excited to meet a ton of great people in the near future.

SoundCloud SoundCloud Voices

SoundCloud Voices is a  weekly Community feature focusing on new spoken word creators found on SoundCloud.  It might be a podcast, radio show, audio book, interview, audio messages, a poem, anything!  Keep an eye out every Thursday for a new post.

We’re getting local this week on SoundCloud Voices.  Having just opened up an office out in San Francisco we thought it was high time to highlight some of the great spoken word creators out there!

First up is a new breed of public radio called Sonic SF.  Coining the term “reality news” Sonic SF attempts to tell stories by way of capturing events as they unfold rather than editing and shaping stories around a script.  In their own words ” we want to capture the sound and feel of life in San Francisco, and share its stories with the world in an entirely new way.”  It sounds like a great project and they are currently running a Kickstarter campaign in order to develop more shows.  Go over to their Kickstarter to find out more and help!  Take a listen below to an example of the of the kind of shows they are going to create.

Next up is local radio station KALW!  As a rather innovative station KALW cover key news stories in depth and highlight arts, culture and communities. They get inside government and institutions, and promote people and ideas whose voices aren’t otherwise heard in Bay Area media.  They have been using SoundCloud for their #OccupyBayArea coverage, asking the public what they they.  They have even plotted this audio to a cool little map which you can check out on their site, and they want your help. So if you are in the bay area, record you thoughts using the SoundCloud iPhone or Android app, and make sure to set the location and put #OccupyBayArea in the title and you’ll see your thoughts on the map on their site!

Take a listen to a piece below and find out more about the station here.

And last but by no means least is the brilliant San Francisco based GameSpot which brings gamers the latest and greatest game reviews, previews, videos, images, and news out there!  Take a listen to the final ‘The Hotspot’ of the year where Kurtis Seid, Brendan Sinclair, and Tom Magrino talk to Star Wars: The Old Republic lead writer Daniel Erickson.  Check out more on their site.

If you are interested in trying out SoundCloud as a spoken word podcast platform we are currently running a beta program which you can sign up for via this form. Successful candidates will be emailed with further details.


David Go West! Hello San Francisco.

Hello California, Hello San Francisco!

Yesterday we announced the launch of our West Coast operations in San Francisco! Home of some of the most successful tech companies, we’re happy to be neighbors with all of the people, places and things that make the Bay Area awesome.

To get started, we’ll set up shop at The Summit in the Mission District of San Francisco and to learn more, listen to SoundCloud Co-founder & CEO Alex speak about why we chose San Francisco as our first US home in the audio message below:

Why we’re opening @Soundcloud San Francisco by Alex

Notice Alex coining the term slogging for sound blogging? Neat.

If you’re interested to be amongst the very first people to shape our US team and grow our West Coast presence, make sure to check the details of the following two job openings for San Francisco:

If one of these positions sound like you, get in touch with us, we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

(picture screengrabbed from The Summit’s video)