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SoundCloud SoundCloud Local: Santiago

Photo taken by Joel Mann, found on Flickr

SoundCloud Local is taking a virtual trip to the capital of Chile: Santiago! Have a listen to this diverse, concentrated community of SoundClouders.

Edén Carrasco
Born in 1982 in Valparaíso, Chile, Edén started saxophone lessons at the age of twelve and in 2008, he obtained a High Performance in Saxophone degree, at the Conservatory of Universidad de Chile. Nice work! He likes to freely improvise and plays in many different bands.


Spanish hip hop producer, Gonzalo Carrasco (aka cronelnegro), is an affectionate and respectful guy. He’s always keeping his listeners in mind when creating his sounds and beats, and hopes to meet each one of them someday with a hug. Check out what his tracks are about!


Seiten Wall is an experimental musician who was born – and is based – in Santiago. He enjoys producing improvised acousmatic and electro acoustic music. He uploads tracks like these regularly to SoundCloud so you can check ’em out the player below or by clicking the link below.


Nhumo is a sociologist and musician. He’s addicted to composing music and wants to share his wonderful addiction with everyone! He’s hyperactive and has been making music since he was 12. His tracks are mostly electronic-based and peaceful. You can hear for yourself in the sea-foam green player.


One Love Conexion
This group is comprised of Deyus, PAXAXO, and TEMPO, who are all residents of the municipality of Puente Alto. Since 2006, this group began to take on different styles of music at a quick rate. They’re continuing to mix their own rhythms and beats, and have created something very cool!


Would you like to hear more? Here you go!

And of course, if you’re based in Santiago and we didn’t get around to highlighting you, please join the group and share your sounds.

Yesterday was Global Meetup Day! Santiago, how was yours?

Everyone else, if you missed the big day, keep an eye on Meetup.com to see if a SoundCloud meetup is coming your way and feel free to start your own! Take a look at our SoundCloud Local features to see if your area has been highlighted!