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SoundCloud SoundCloud Local: Shanghai

Picture by rickyqi, found on Flickr

We’re stopping by the futuristic city of Shanghai this week! Besides being in the future (i.e. in China Standard Timezone), Shanghai also inspires a good chunk of music creators. As we dipped into this city, we discovered a great collection of distinct musicians, duos and groups! Go ahead and have a listen to all of them below.

Magnum Turnstyle
Magnum Turnstyle is a duo originally from Oakland, California, but has relocated to Shanghai “in search of the lost golden llama rhythms of the Tang Dynasty” — that’s what they say at least. The duo is committed to altering sound and is forever trying to discover new beats and rhythms. Hear for yourself!


Here we have — Huang Lei (aka dà xiǎo). He describes himself as a sound and noise experimental amateur. He’s also a field recorder in training. You can hear his sounds of Shanghai and other things (like his laptop) below! We’re hoping the new record button has come in handy for him!


Sergey Lyutik
From what we can tell, Sergey Lyutik is an up-and-coming multi-genre artist rising out of Shanghai. When listening to his music, you can really hear the influence of Shanghai’s environment in there. A track to take note of is “Wish u were here”. Have a listen for yourself and get lost in Shanghai with him.


The Fever Machine
If you’ve been looking for some authentic rock music, look no further! The Fever Machine is another group of American guys who picked up and moved over to Shanghai! In the city, these guys are constantly pushing the modern boundaries of rock n’ roll. Listen to how they fuse different rock genres into one!


Alec Haavik Friction Five
Here’s something we don’t get too often, jazz! And in this case, it’s Shanghai jazz! The SoundCloud username is EYEOPENER but the band goes by the name of Alec Haavik Friction Five and they’re on the verge of releasing a live double-LP! Get a feel for their improv-style music below!


If you’re a user based in Shanghai, join the SoundCloud Local Shanghai group and submit your tracks! Also, keep an eye on Meetup.com!

And if you’re looking for some more music from Shanghai, check out citysounds.fm/shanghai!

Keep your eyes peeled for the next SoundCloud Local city!

David User meet-up in China

Dear clouders, I’m going to be in China between the 26:th of October and 11:th of November and during this time I would like to try to meet some of you users. Inspired by Anthony, Taylor and the others over at HypeMachine I’m thinking of setting up a user meet-up in Shanghai and/or Beijing where we can hang out and talk music on the web.

Since I’ve never been to China before and don’t really know my way around, It would be great If someone could assist me in setting this up. If you’re interested in participating or helping out please send me an email at henrik@soundcloud.com

Hope to meet you on Chinese soil!

Photo by Betta Design