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SoundCloud New update: Easy Sharing Flow

We just rolled out an update to the sharing flow that will make sharing your tracks easier and smoother than before. See what’s new below!

The Public Sharing Note

First things first, the sharing note for public tracks is now on the upload page so you can add your note while the track uploads and transcodes. You can choose which social networks will get this update by checking the connected networks underneath the note (see how to connect your networks here). Your sharing note will appear on your follower’s Dashboards and will be pushed to your connected, chosen networks. Keep in mind, this note will overwrite the current default message in your connections.

The Private Sharing Note & Access Overlay

We are introducing the private access overlay, which allows sharing to be done directly from the player. When you click the ‘Share’ button on a private track, you can now edit the privacy settings! Additionally, you can also access these settings by clicking the privacy indicator on the right side of the player.

In your track’s privacy settings, you can add or remove users and write a personal note to the ones you are sharing the track with.

There you go — nice and simple! We hope everyone enjoys the new sharing flow! If you have any feedback, let us know in the comments.

David Thursday Sweets: Keep it in the family with the Secret Link

Private sharing of your tracks and sets has always been a pretty easy thing to do on SoundCloud. I recently had the chance to speak with Aaron Albano (aka Ming), who as a producer based in NYC, has used these private sharing features during the production of one the new tracks by Aussie band Youth Group (make sure to check out this great video to see Ming talk about the experience). He loved the idea of the Secret Link and said it would definitely make things even easier.

With the Taylor release, we pushed a new feature called Secret Link. It really does what it says: upload a track or set, generate a secret link and simply pass it on via email or instant messenger. We think that will come in quite handy especially when sharing with people who are not on SoundCloud or not as tech-savvy as we all are. Here’s what it looks like:

Edit My Private Track - SoundCloud

And here’s how it works:

You’ll find the feature in your track or set settings. Simply check the box “Enable Secret Link” and don’t forget to save the settings at the bottom of the page to activate the link. Copy and paste this link and share it via email, instant messenger or make it a temporary exclusive to your followers on Twitter or Facebook.

To deactivate the Secret Link, click the circled arrow on the right and the link will be made redundant.

The Secret Link comes with all Premium accounts starting with new yearly account called ‘Lite’ for €29.

What do you think? Leave your feedback in the comments.