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Brendan SoundCloud Creator Profile: Colonel Chris Hadfield


When Canadian astronaut Colonel Chris Hadfield was as far from home as a human can get, he used SoundCloud to share the sounds of the International Space Station and connect with everyone back on Earth.

During six months in orbit, including three as the Commander of the International Space Station, Hadfield documented the sounds of his daily life – things like Spacewalk Pressure Equalization, Spacesuit Bleed and Shutdown, and many of the ambient noises from inside the space station. Occasionally, he also recorded folk songs (he’s a longtime musician).

Now back on earth, Colonel Hadfield was gracious enough to take some time out of his busy retirement to answers a few questions for us. Hear him talk further about the noisiest and quietest places on the space station, what landing back on earth was like, and how he was able to get a guitar into space:

“So much of what we know and what we think and what we feel and what we remember is affiliated with how it all sounded,” Hadfield says. We couldn’t agree more.

You can hear some of the sounds the Colonel recorded in space in the below set:


Image Source: NASA

Brendan BuzzFeed Sources Soundtracks From SoundCloud Creators

BuzzFeed is one of the most prolific creators and distributors of content on the internet. From must-read lists like 25 People Having a Worse Day Than You At The Airport, to original journalism spanning everything from documenting unrest in Egypt, to analyzing the demise of Google Reader, BuzzFeed’s scope is vast.

BuzzFeed also produces a huge amount of original video. We recently noticed one that had been soundtracked with a Creative Commons licensed song from a SoundCloud creator:

Then we noticed another one:

…and another one:

…and another. In fact, many of the videos on BuzzFeed’s YouTube channel are soundtracked with original songs by SoundCloud community members.

We’re always interested in learning about new ways that creators’ sounds are being discovered and distributed via SoundCloud, whether through novel uses of our widget, our integrations with Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and Google +, or other means. So we were psyched to discover that content producers over at BuzzFeed are active users of SoundCloud, sourcing music for the soundtracks of their videos.

How can you get in on the action? Keep an eye and ear out here and on our Twitter and Tumblr. In the coming weeks, we’ll be further exploring the BuzzFeed + SoundCloud connection: looking at what a Creative Commons license means, profiling SoundCloud community members who have had their songs featured in a BuzzFeed video, and launching a new, BuzzFeed-related group.

SoundCloud Found Sounds: Rise and Shine

Many days begin with a blurry struggle to get up and out, but this week we’re uncovering the calm within the morning madness.

Headphone commute captures coffee waking up for the world:

Alan Gleeson shares a more relaxing rush hour from the sidelines:

And Nataliabrahamsengarner proves that some of our neighbours are naturally chirpy when greeting the day, even without coffee.