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SoundCloud Get in the Game with SoundCloud on Xbox One

Today we’re leveling up your music listening with the launch of the new SoundCloud app on Xbox One. As a gamer you crave an easy to use streaming audio experience that won’t get in the way of your game. So, whether you’re playing a first person shooter, the newest racing game, or your favorite sports title, you can beat your opponents with your music tastes by having SoundCloud on-hand as your perfect gaming partner.

We’ve built an app that seamlessly fits into your gaming experience and with access to millions of songs, you’ll never miss a beat. Xbox One users can download the app from the Xbox App Store and easily begin creating soundtracks that will get you in the zone and level up your gaming.

Whether you’re a SoundCloud Free, SoundCloud Go, or SoundCloud Go+ user, you’ll be able to listen to your favourite tracks, playlists and our brand new feature, The Upload, while you game. And you can control playback with the sound of your voice using Cortana to play and skip tracks without leaving the game.

SoundCloud on Xbox One is the only app offering access to the world’s largest, constantly expanding mix of music from emerging talent and the world’s biggest artists.

Get your game face on and download it now from the Xbox App Store!

The SoundCloud Beta app for Windows 10 PCs and tablets will also be available beginning today. Users can visit the Windows Store to access the app and share their feedback here.

SoundCloud Product Year In Review: All the features that helped you discover more in 2016


It’s been a busy year for SoundCloud. In addition to launching our new consumer subscription service, SoundCloud Go – among many more projects we can’t share with you just yet – we’ve been working on and launching a heap of new features to make the SoundCloud experience even better.

A few weeks ago we added Recently Played tracks and Listening History to help you rediscover music and easily access your most recent plays. With these new features, all of the tracks from the day, past week, month and further are now available via the Collection tab on your profile, meaning you have your previously played sounds at your fingertips anytime you want them.

In addition to Recently Played and Listening History, we introduced a number of additional features to help you discover more, and enable new and emerging creators to get discovered.


You can check out our 2016 product wrap-up below:

  • Stations is our never-ending radio-like stream of music which can be started from a track or an artist profile. It’s one of the easiest ways to lean back and enjoy tracks. You can like or unlike a Station to save it to your Collection for further listening.
  • Suggested Tracks learns your tastes and makes suggestions based on your likes and plays.
  • Charts is the place to find the tracks that are getting a lot of buzz on SoundCloud. The ‘Top 50’ updates every day to show the 50-most played tracks for the past week, and ‘New & Hot’ updates multiple times a day to show the tracks that are trending right now. We’re currently rolling this out and it will be available to all users soon. 
  • Albums enable you to easily find old classics alongside new favorites. This gives you more control around how you organize your sounds on SoundCloud.
  • Recently Played and Listening History gives you the ability to access your recent plays via your Collection.
  • Offline Sync is available when you subscribe to our subscription service SoundCloud Go which is available in the US, UK, Ireland, France, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Germany. It gives listeners access to over 135 million tracks from the greatest and most established artists, ad-free, alongside tens of millions of tracks not found anywhere else.

Alongside new features in the SoundCloud app, we’ve also made improvements to our creator-focused app, SoundCloud Pulse. This year we added new features including the ability to edit track titles, genres, tags and descriptions, and to choose whether a track is public, private or downloadable, all within the SoundCloud Pulse app. Creators can also keep up-to-date with what listeners are saying about tracks on-the-go by accessing comments via the mobile app.

With the largest and most diverse catalog around, we want to make discovering on SoundCloud even easier. We’re always testing and innovating to bring new ways for you to find more music, and get heard on SoundCloud. Stay tuned to this space for new feature updates coming in 2017.

Enjoy your holidays, and Happy New Year!

SoundCloud Willkommen in Deutschland, SoundCloud Go



SoundCloud Go kommt nach Deutschland

Es war viel los in diesem Jahr. Seit März haben wir unser Hörerabonnement SoundCloud Go in sieben Ländern eingeführt. Heute treten wir in einen weiteren wichtigen Markt ein und machen SoundCloud Go in dem Land verfügbar, in dem SoundCloud begann, nämlich in Deutschland.

Viele der für SoundCloud als Plattform und Unternehmen so wichtigen Werte – Offenheit, Experimentierfreudigkeit, Gemeinschaft, befähigende Kreativität, Fördern des Schaffens von Kultur, um nur einige zu nennen – sind teilweise infolge des Einflusses der Kunst- und Musikszene von Berlin entstanden, wo sich unser Hauptsitz seit 10 Jahren befindet.

SoundCloud Go bietet Hörern offline werbefreies Zuhören sowie vollen Zugriff auf den weltweit größten Musik- und Audio-Streaming-Katalog – derzeit 135 Millionen Tracks.

Unser Katalog erweitert sich ständig sowohl in Hinblick auf Größe als auch auf Vielfältigkeit. Seit März wurden mehr als 10 Millionen Tracks von Künstlern hinzugefügt, von den neuesten Talenten bis hin zu einigen der größten Namen in der Musikwelt. Außerdem haben wir eine Reihe von Funktionen eingeführt, wie „Sender” und „Vorgeschlagene Tracks”, die den Nutzern ermöglichen, noch mehr Musik zu entdecken, die oftmals nirgendwo sonst gehört werden kann.

Wir engagieren uns für die Erweiterung der Anzahl von Autoren, die die Möglichkeit haben, für die Arbeit bezahlt zu werden, die sie auf SoundCloud teilen. Die Einführung von SoundCloud Go und Werbung in Deutschland und in anderen Ländern steigert die Erträge, was uns wiederum ermöglicht, mehr unabhängige Autoren zum Premier-Partnerprogramm für eine Umsatzbeteiligung einzuladen.

SoundCloud Go steht in Deutschland im Netz, iOS App Store und auf Google Play zur Verfügung und kostet 9,99 € pro Monat mit einem kostenlosen 30-Tage-Probelauf. iOS-Benutzer können den App Store-Zuschlag (12,99 € pro Monat) vermeiden, indem sie stattdessen soundcloud.com/go besuchen.

Mit SoundCloud Go gibst du deinem Hörerlebnis den entscheidenden Kick:

  • Offline- und werbefreies Zuhören ohne Previews.
  • Ein erweiterter Katalog mit mehr als 135 Millionen Tracks. Du erhältst das Beste von Künstlern, die bei den größten Labels der Welt unter Vertrag sind, zusammen mit dem Besten der Freischaffenden und Neustarter.

Du willst mehr erfahren? Besuche unsere SoundCloud Go Website direkt hier.


English Translation

It’s been a busy year. Since March, we’ve launched our listener subscription SoundCloud Go in seven countries. Today we move into another major market and make SoundCloud Go available in the country where SoundCloud started, Germany.

Many of the values so important to SoundCloud as a platform and a company – openness, experimentation, community, enabling creativity, fostering the creation of culture – to name just a few, are due in part to the influence of the art and music scenes of Berlin, where our headquarters has been located for the last 10 years.

SoundCloud Go offers listeners offline, ad-free listening plus full access to the largest music and audio streaming catalog in the world – currently 135 million tracks.

Our catalog is always expanding in both size and diversity. Since March, more than 10 million tracks have been added from artists ranging from the freshest, raw talent to some of the biggest musical names in the world. We’ve also launched a number of features such as Stations and Suggested Tracks that enable users to discover even more music, much of which can’t be heard anywhere else.

We’re dedicated to expanding the number of creators that have opportunities to be paid for the work they share on SoundCloud. Launching SoundCloud Go and advertising in Germany and other countries powers increases in revenues, which in turn allows us to invite more independent creators to the Premier partner program to share revenue.

SoundCloud Go is available in Germany on web, iOS App Store and Google Play, and priced at 9.99 € per month, with a free 30-day trial. iOS users can avoid the App Store surcharge (12.99 € per month) by visiting soundcloud.com/go instead.

With SoundCloud Go, you take your listening experience to the next level with:

  • Offline and ad-free listening, and no previews.
  • An expanded catalog of more than 135 million tracks. You’ll get the best from artists signed to the biggest labels on the planet, right alongside the best of the unsigned and up-and-coming.

Want to know more? Head right over to our SoundCloud Go page, here.