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Jami SoundCloud Local: Kansas City

Kansas City, by Maureen Lunn
Picture taken by Maureen Lunn, found on Flickr.

This week’s SoundCloud local is taking a closer look at Kansas City, located in the American Midwest.  Let’s see what sounds are emitting from the City of Fountains…

Margo May 

 Margo May makes dreamy, reverb-drenched pop.  Delicate soft melodies and acoustic guitars, accompanied by waves of noise and static.  With an entire album uploaded to the ‘Cloud, for your pleasure:


Joshua Link

Joshua Link is a composer from St. Louis currently studying in  Kansas City.  He splits his time between writing music for  marching ensembles and video games, resulting in a very varied SoundCloud profile!



Osiris-1 is Rick Manua, who makes lo-fi hip hop. Full to the brim with 8-bit basslines, wonky beats, and clattering percussion, Rick’s music is reminiscant of LA’s Brainfeeder Crew.


Swamp Juice

For something a bit more Jazzy, there’s Swamp Juice.  Not much is known about the band (if they even are a band, it could be the product of a singular mastermind), but expect to hear splashy drums, slick guitar lines, and sax solos.


Finally, Ryan Oldham instructor at the Kansas City Conservatory of Music and Dance.  Oldham’s music has been performed in the United States, Mexico, and  (our very own!) Sweden.



As always, we encourage you to check out citysounds.fm for more from Kansas.

If you’re in the city or area, feel free to join the SoundCloud Local: Kansas City group.

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SoundCloud SoundCloud Local: Mumbai

Photo taken by Swami Stream, found on Flickr

Today, we’re stopping by the most populous city in India – and the fourth in the world – and that is…Mumbai! Check out the cool ‘Clouders we found there.

Tribal Flora
Tribal Flora is a project that started 3 years ago. It began as a group of friends casually meeting up and jamming out to the sun going down. They started out with only percussive jam sessions using didgeridoos and various drums. Hear what they’re all about in the player below.


Paradigm Shift
Paradigm Shift is a fusion act. Their music is a combination of various genres, combining traditional Indian classical music with contemporary progressive rock themes. The band is made up of five members with one each on the: vocals, guitar, bass, drums, and an additional person on the violin!


Since 2010, HOOdub has been working hard and gaining underground attention. She’s been brought up listening to underground music, and she derives inspiration from many other ambient and electronic artists. HOOdub intends to grow deeper in these roots and follow her passion for music.


Colaba Point
Here’s another group that started out as a jamming project, but Colaba Point also started out as an inside joke. They’re into the do-it-yourself attitude and long repetitive jams. They’d like you to chill, sit back and listen to some of their jazzy, rock n’ roll-y tunes in the player below!


Now, let’s get loopy and into some psytrance by Darkshark! He’s been addicted to music since college and grew up listening to dark metal, psychedelic rock, then stumbled upon trance music. Check out the three singles from his very first album Dark Impulse in the player below.


Like usual, we encourage you to check out citysounds.fm for more from Mumbai.

If you’re in the city or area, feel free to join the SoundCloud Local: Mumbai group here.

Remember: keep an eye on Meetup.com for any events coming your way.

SoundCloud SoundCloud Local: Osaka

Picture taken by RichInMN, found on Flickr

Thanks to everyone who voted for the SoundCloud Local City this week! The city that won was Osaka, Japan — and nice choice, everyone! There are a great amount of talented SoundClouders hanging about in Osaka and capturing/creating some cool sounds. Check ’em out!

Kazuki Uchida
Born in 1986 in Osaka, Kazuki is a music composer and performer. He’s into electro acoustics and also, taking photographs to go along with his relaxing tracks. You can check out his Tumblr here to see these images and listen to his tracks at the same time. Of course, all his tracks are located below for your ears’ convenience.


As a child, Scott (also known as The Outsider) preferred to stay inside and watch animated TV shows. When he became a teenager, he started listening to punk rock, industrial, acid and other electronic music, unlike the rest of his classmates, so he called himself The Outsider. Hear what he’s created below!


Yamadub is a sound designer based in Osaka. He creates music and sound effects for games, cartoons, television commercials, soundscapes, and the list goes on. He likes to perform live with a variety of electronic instruments as well, especially hardware synthesizers. Have a listen to what he has in store.


You Ninomiya
Yuji Ninomiya, otherwise known as You Ninomiya, enjoys uploading experimental and classical music to the ‘Cloud, and he’s creating some sort of soundtrack. We don’t have any details on it but you can hear bits and pieces of this below in the grey player — so far, it sounds pretty good!


deebers soundlab
Deebers Soundlab was created earlier this year and focuses on improvisations and structured arrangements of music. They can be described as indie alternative, and at times, ambient. They’re hoping for a reaction out of you, and if they get one, let them know — it’ll make them happy.


And if you want more, head over here.

Are you based in Osaka? If so, please contribute to the group on SoundCloud here.

Like always, we’re encouraging you to keep an eye on Meetup.com to see if a SoundCloud meetup is coming your way, and if there isn’t, feel free to start your own!