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SoundCloud SoundCloud Local: Calgary

Photo taken by Oli-Oviyan, found on Flickr

Hey, Calgary! We’re looking at you today for SoundCloud Local. We found a diverse set of SoundCloud members here. Hear for yourself below!

Valiska is a experimental ambient, noise music project coming out of Calgary. “Through the use of synthesizers, guitars, field recordings and processing, Valiska often creates pieces that are simultaneously noisy and beautiful.” There’s some awesome stuff on their SoundCloud page already. Check it out!


Based in Calgary, Crimson is more commonly known as Cam Boyd. He’s part of a collective called TheRinseOut. This group represents forward-thinking music, art and creativity. Crimson’s music is electronic-based with lots of experimental aspects to it. Check it out for yourself below.


Animattronic has been making music for approximately 8 years now. He first started out creating computer music, then matured his sounds and moved on to cinematic tracks. If you wanted to classify his music as a specific genre though, you could put it under “steampunk electro rock”.


Obsidian Snow
Here’s a young, 19-year-old composer and musician straight out of the high, dry, and unpredictable climate of Calgary! His name is Ian and he’s been experimenting with music since he started piano lessons and now creates mostly orchestral, film music. Check out the themes he’s created below.


And, wait! Here’s more! Woulg (aka Greg D.) produces IDM, glitchy, electronic music. He’s on Outlier Recordings and is previewing his upcoming EP, “Floating longingly towards the sun”, on SoundCloud as well. You can hear some of it and the rest of his productions and creations below.


Hope we left you wanting more because there’s some over at: citysounds.fm/calgary

And if you’re based there and we didn’t get around to featuring you, please join the group and submit some tracks.

Don’t forget: Global Meetup Day is happening on the 5th of October! Calgary, get yours started! And to everyone else, check if there’s one scheduled in your area here. If not, feel free to start your own! See if your city has been featured in SoundCloud Local yet here.

SoundCloud SoundCloud Local: Lisbon

Photo taken by ChrisYunker, found on Flickr

Remember when we asked you to help choose the SoundCloud Local city last week? Well, since it was an extremely close call, we’re featuring Lisbon, Portugal, this week! We found some awesomely talented members there. Check ’em out!

Interested in some experimental, psychedelic, trippy music? Maybe some “shoegaze”? If you answered “yes” to those, have a listen to Shadowset (also known as Jose Palhota)! He’s an active member of the community uploading some cool tracks. Hear them all below and head over to his page to give him a follow.


“Crk” was born in 1982 and has a birthday coming up (Happy Early Birthday)! He’s an independent self-taught IDM producer, who creates raw and complex music with a balance between melodic and dark ambient, and a hint of breakcore. Check it out below to get a better idea.


Submersus’ musical journey started back in school when he was part of a traditional folk band and other projects. All of these projects gave him more experience playing music and instruments, such as the drums, bass, guitar and piano. Hear where that experience has brought him today.


Pedro e os Lobos
Pedro e os Lobos is a recent project by guitarist and composer, Pedro Galhoz. The project is based on musical freedom, in which “the mix of landscapes alternate between passion for the desert and awe of urban chaos, creating the feeling of a voyage through various and different stops.”


Mir the Bloody
Mir the Bloody is an underground hip hop producer from a graffiti crew based in Lisbon, Portugal. He produces instrumental beats and musical arrangements. He’s also out to prove that money doesn’t create music or make a person feel any emotions.


Pretty awesome stuff, huh? But don’t go yet! For more tracks from Lisbon, you can check out citysounds.fm/lisbon

And if you’re based there and we didn’t get around to featuring you, please join the group and submit some tracks.

Oh, don’t forget: Global Meetup Day is right around the corner, happening on the 5th of October! Lisbon, check out yours! And to all you other peeps, check if there’s one scheduled in your area here. If not, feel free to start your own! You can see all our highlighted cities for SoundCloud Local at this link as well.

SoundCloud SoundCloud Local: Saint Petersburg

Photo taken by Elen Schurova, found on Flickr

This week, we asked you to choose the SoundCloud Local city. It was a close call but the city that won was Saint Petersburg, Russia! Hear what this city has to offer below.

Vood is a solo musician working on abstract, experimental tracks, which are all instrumentally-based with a few vocal samples here and there. His tracks are nice to relax to and inspire positive thinking. You can check out all the goodies he has on his page and hear some of them below.


Ilya Pechersky calls himself a newbie video game composer, but from what it sounds like below, he’s a pro! He’s based in Saint Petersburg and is a creator, student and writer there. He’s all about sharing his thoughts and mostly writing video game music, both technical and creative.


timely aiah
Alex, otherwise known as “timely aiah”, creates tracks that exude the “pleasure of difference and the anxiety of being (utterly) disconnected. It’s a tentative connection to material existence, to processes both functional and faulty.” For the most part, these tracks are full of energy and wonderful glitchy-ness.


Fake Ferda
Fake Ferda is a combination of electronics, nu jazz, trip-hop, big beats and all those fun things. The compositions created by Fake Ferda are mostly electronic structures with jazz elements along with acoustic sound and samples, and some characteristic styles of minimal and glitch.


Since 2007, Rogerrr has been composing electronic music and working on music/sounds for games and videos. Here, you can hear his latest release, Lifestreaming, and if you want to check out the other tracks he’s produced, you know where to go, the link below!


If you’re based in Saint Petersburg and we didn’t get around to featuring you, please join the group.

Also, we recently announced Global Meetup Day, happening on the 5th of October. Saint Petersburg, here’s yours! And to everyone else, check out if there’s one scheduled in your area here. If not, feel free to start your own! Don’t forget to take a peek at our SoundCloud Local features to see if your city’s been spotlighted yet.