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David This week’s SoundClouders of the Day!

We’re ending the week with a bang! All our our SoundClouders of the Day we featured this week are recapped below. Listen, enjoy and don’t forget to follow them!


We started the week off with SoundClouder of the Day, Choongum (pronounced Chewin’ Gum) based in San Francisco, California! Enjoy his collaborations below!


Collaborations by Choongum

Fader Vixen

Our SoundClouder of the Day for Tuesday was Atlanta-based duo Fader Vixen. They recently finished up an album called “Transmitting Pulses” – check it out below and vibe out to this talented band.


Fader Vixen – Transmitting Pulses by Fader Vixen

Joe Drzewiecki

Joe Drzewiecki has a great collection of collaborations on SoundCloud that made all of us in the office dance uncontrollably. His tracks and his collaborations are unique, fun, totally amazing and on Wednesday we featured him as out SoundClouder of the Day!


Collabs by Joe Drzewiecki


A San Francisco-based music and sound design collective creating audio for installations, film/video, multimedia, and more, was our SoundClouder of the Day on Thursday. The music produced by airkingsound is dynamic, synthy in all the right ways and majorly enjoyable to listen to!


Apparatus by airkingsound

Sophie Kazandjian

Our Friday SoundClouder of the Day learned to play piano by ear as a child and has been composing ever since! Her pieces are inspired by her Scottish/Polish roots and love for the highland landscapes in which she grew up. Her melodies are gorgeous and she strikes such a delicate nerve on every track she creates. Her music is perfect for a dark day in the Spring bundled up next to a fireplace. Check out Sophie Kazandjian’s piano melodies!


Glass Slopes by Sophie Kazandjian

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SoundCloud Wrapping up this week’s SoundClouders of the Day

As you’re getting ready for the new year, have a listen to this week’s SoundClouders of the Day — last ones of the year!

Ordinary Breakfast
Composing music for short films with field recordings, analog synthesizers and other effects, Ordinary Breakfast is a one-man band. He creates experimental soundscapes through improvisations. Check it out!


Moon Reflecting
Empress Moon (also known as Moon Reflecting) is a lyricist and soulful composer. She has an organic style and sincere honesty in her lyrics. Have her music lift your spirits!


This Wednesday, we looked at the band, Strobelight! They’re based out of Mexico City and have a couple of new singles for you to listen to. Keep your eyes peeled for their upcoming album, Senseless Things, as well.


EΓΓ▲Γ CH!7D (aka Error Child) has been producing music since 2006, after he moved to Regensburg, Germany. He describes his music as “Nu Bitch Electro”. Listen below and decide for yourself.


Repeat Pattern
To end the week and the year, we had Repeat Pattern (or Circle vs Square) as our SoundClouder of the Day! He’s a hip hop artist based in Japan.


That’s it for this year. Have a great, safe New Year celebration tonight!

David SoundClouders of the Day…of the Week!

It’s been yet another week, which means yet another round up of daily SoundClouders. Check out these great artists!


We started out Monday with a Cape Town programmer who puts a lot of energy into his songs. It’s impossible to not feel moved with this unstoppable combination of keys and strings.


Pastel Arsenal

Arpeggios and basic waveforms were featured on Tuesday. Demonstrating it’s all about creativity. It’s glitch-infused hip hop beats that pack quite a punch!



Representing the feel good! Kick back and dream away with soothing melodies, dreamy guitars and caressing soundscapes from San Francisco.


The Monster Mind

On Thursday we featured some psybient and industrial courtesy of Casey Oakley. Yard sales appear to be the birth place of creativity—that or Casio keyboards.



TGIF with Adrian’s collection of classical and ambient compositions, mashing up the acoustic with the electronic. There’s no need for any beats! Who needs them when you got this, really?


Don’t forget to check out the group we’ve got featuring more SoundClouders of the Day. Have a great weekend!